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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Our walk around the Bosworth Battlefield.

Hi Folks.

We had an early start to the morning, we were awake at 6am arghhhh. There was nothing for it but to get up and get the fire going, because it had been chilly overnight. Having got the fire going, the kettle went on for a cup of tea, I then put the TV on and we sat in bed watching "Family Fortunes" from the 1980's which made me giggle when looking at the hair styles and clothing, not to mention the prizes, which were no where near as elaborate as today's games shows. It is not often we have breakfast in bed, but this morning I made us some porridge on the back cabin stove and we enjoyed it in bed. Keith loves syrup on his, I am more a sugar kind of girl. 8.30am and Paddy was looking to go out, so I got up and took him out. He had a get run across the field, which was shrouded in mist.

9.40am with morning chores done, we stepped off of the boat with our camera's and set off for the Battle of Bosworth Trail.


We walked through Ambion Wood where we listened to the Goldcrests and Woodpeckers before arriving at the Visitor Centre, where we began following the trail. This was all new to us, because 3 years ago it was very different.


We walked up on to Ambion Hill where there is a stunning new sundial which features the thrones of Richard III, Henry Tudor and Lord Stanley. You can walk around and through the sundial, which is surrounded by rose bushes and a hedge.


Whilst we read the information boards the Battle of Bosworth flag was being hoisted into place.


Bosworth is a site of national historic significance, it gives you such a lot of historical information as you walk the trail. The Battle of Bosworth is one of the most important battles in English history. It led to the War of the Roses, and put the Tudor house on the throne of England.


We followed the trail to Shenton Railway Station, which is not the original building, the building that stands on site is from Leicester. It was removed from Leicester brick by brick and bought to Shenton Station.


The only original part of the station is the small lamproom which is opposite the platform building.


When we were at the Shackerstone Festival we travelled by steam train from Shackerstone to Shenton Station.

We took the wildlife walk from the station to King Dick's Well.


The walk was along the old railways line Shenton Cutting, it now home to flora and fauna. Along the route we stopped off at a hide and we were fortunate to see some Redwings coming down to drink and feed from a small pond.


We were enjoying our bit of peace and quiet in the hide, when a could of gentlemen came along and because they were being rather loud with their conversation they frightened the birds away. Obviously they do not know that when using a hide you need to stay quiet. They did apologise before they did an about turn and walked off, this had spoilt the moment, so we carried on with our walk to King Dick's Well. It amazes me that many of the people we met walking with their dogs, never stopped to listen or just to take in their surroundings. They really have no idea what they are missing out on.


The well or cairn as it is known was built by the Reverend Samuel Parr in 1813. It was built on the site of a spring and is thought to have served the medieval village of Ambion. Near this spot on August 22nd 1485 King Richard died whilst fighting. It is said that he may have actually drunk from this well, but of course no one really can be sure of this fact, but it would be nice to think the story is true.


We walked back down Ambion hill towards the visitor centre, where we had a wander around. I commented on the stocks that they had made one for each of us.


I think they should bring them back into action today. His and hers. I will be the one on the left as it is shorter ha ha ha.

Whilst we were out walking, we noticed along of Mushrooms and Fungi.


With the warm moist weather we have been having of late it has been ideal for them to grow.




With our morning walk and culture over, we walked back to the Wharf, where we had a coffee and some lunch. We both had the Chicken and Vegetable Curry with Rice, Naan Bread, Poppadom and Mango Chutney, two meals for £9.99 an absolute bargain. It really was a great way to spend a morning. I would love to come back in the Spring to see the change in the wood with the coming of a new season.

Chat soon xx

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