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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Shackerstone to Snarestone.

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Hi Folks.

Shackerstone to Snarestone 3.9 miles in 1 hour 30 minutes.

Before I begin today's posting, yesterday was a quiet day for me after I had been litter picking, I spent the rest of the day doing things on the boat and watching a film or two. During the evening I cooked meatballs for dinner with mash potato and veg, before settling down for an evening of TV. Whilst watching the "One Show", I heard a real racket going on outside and then I realised it was Foxes squabbling on the towpath right by the boat. I crept to the engine room door and did my best to open it quietly, but obviously not quiet enough because they ran off through the hedge and back into the field dang. I have no idea what they were fighting over, but their sounds was unmistakable.

Wednesday morning so arrived after a great nights sleep. I was up early raking out the ash in the back cabin stove to get it going again, because after a heavy overnight frost and the temperature getting down to -0.7c, it was nippy.


Looking out of the back cabin door, it was clear we were in for a lovely day.


We were ready to leave our mooring at 9.40am after a nice bowl of porridge and a cuppa. Today's destination was Snarestone and the Ashby Canal terminus. It was a breeze free morning, with lovely views of the farmland and trees.


If you want peace and quiet then the Ashby Canal is the canal to be on.


Someone is into tree art by the looks of it. We soon arrived at Snarestone Tunnel and who should be moored up but Maffi on The Milly M, he gave us a wave as we passed by.


Snarestone Tunnel is 250 yards long and single passage.


I always admire how the inside of tunnels are constructed, because they look amazing. Snarestone itself sits at right angles to the canal and we will visit the village on the way back.

After the tunnel we passed under two stone-arched bridges and then the terminus was insight.


The Ashby Canal is undergoing changes in a big way, they have extended the canal since we were last on the Ashby Canal 3 years ago and very nice it looks.

Having winded, taken on water and emptied a toilet cassette, we moored up past the winding hole. I then saw a familiar dog running up the towpath, it was Molly with Maffi following on behind with his rubbish bag and litter picker in hand. We stood nattering to him for a while before saying cheerio. It was then time for lunch.

After a bit to eat, we set off to walk some of the route for the rest of the Canal which is being restored.


You can read all about the walk and the restoration on Hadar's Blog, where Keith has written a posting. I see no point in repeating what he has said LOL. I will say though they have a huge task in front of them, but will look forward to watching their progress. Talking to representatives of the Ashby Canal Association at the terminus, they have enough funding for next year to pay for the restoration work to be carried right through to the brook, which is great news. Whilst we were out on our walk however we gained a couple of doggy friends.


They came from the Waterworks House and seemed to be able to run where they like, which included along the towpath, neither of them had collars, and despite the fact I tried to get them to go home, they insisted on following us and then jumping all over me with their muddy paws. Very cute dogs, but do think their owner should have more control over their dogs.

Back at the boat, I stoked up the back cabin stove, ready to cook tonight's dinner, which is going to be a Chinese ready meal we had delivered yesterday from Tesco. I really am enjoying the Ashby Canal and all it has to offer. It is definitely not all about fields and bridges, there is so much more to this stunning little canal.

Chat soon xx

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