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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Braunston to Bridge 88 at Braunston.

Hi Folks.

Happy 1st November everyone.

I or should I say we have had such a busy old day. This morning began early yet again with us waking up at the crack of dawn, so Keith made us a cup of tea, we then sat in bed discussing what we would be doing for the day, as it turned out we only did one of the things we had on our list and that one thing shaped the rest of the day.

After the usual morning stuff we left our over night mooring at 8.45am and headed just down the cut to Tony Redshaws, we moored on his whark and Keith went and asked if he could do a job for us. Tony cut some ventilation holes in the guard around our alternators, to allow more air to pass past the alternators, in a hope that this would stop them over heating. We also asked if he could get our old alternator fixed, but when he smelt it, he felt it had burnt out, so it could possibly be destined for the bin, but he will let us know. We also to the opportunity to get rid of old oil with him and filled up two containers with new oil, which was much cheaper than buying it from a chandlery. Whilst we waited I made coffee and a curry, which will do for tomorrows dinner. I tidied the boat a little and then watched the world go by

1.30pm Tony had completed the guard, I put it back in the engine room, where it was looking splendid, we decided to reverse the boat to The Boathouse Inn moorings and go and have a pint and some lunch as we felt we deserved it.

boathouse Inn

The lunch was very good indeed as was the pudding and the pint, so I recommend it if you hungry and in Braunston. Whilst eating lunch I suggested to Keith that we could move off and find somewhere in the countryside to moor as it was so beautiful out in the Autumn sunshine. So at 2.30pm we thanked the staff at the pub for a lovely meal and headed back to the boat. We were just about to leave the mooring when three narrow boats came past us, very much like buses, you do not see any for ages then three come along all at once.


We left Braunston and headed off out into the countryside, where we passed lots of moored boats, all of a sudden a lady came out of her boat and shouted hello Jo, how lovely to see you. I looked and finally realised it was Sarah-May on NB Shelley-Anne. The reason I did not recognise either her or the boat was because Sarah-May has changed her hair colour and the boat has been newly painted, both I must say look fantastic. Sarah-May came running down the towpath to chat to us, and we said we were off on our travels. With that we were on our way, but no sooner past under bridge 88 we found a mooring, so moored up and walked back to bridge 89 to see Sarah-May and her lovely boat. We first met Sarah-May some 5 years ago, not long before she bought her boat. Soon after buying her boat our paths went in different directions, and although we have e-mailed each other on occasions we have not seen her in all that time. Sarah-May made us all coffee and we sat and caught up on all our news, it was great to catch up with her and to see her looking so well. Whilst nattering we got on to the subject of LED lighting, because Sarah-May runs Baddie the Pirate. We wanted a LED bulb for our back cabin and she had just the one we wanted, so we purchased it from her and as our savings allow we will buy more to replace the old bulbs we have. Having kept her chatting for almost a couple of hours we felt we should let her get on with her evening, so said cheerio for now, because we will see more of her over the winter, as she is staying around this area. Back on board our boat, the TV signal here is good as is the computer signal, so all is well in my world. Chat soon xx

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