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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Congerstone to Market Bosworth.

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Hi Folks.

Congerstone to Market Bosworth 2.05 miles travelled in 50 minutes.

Last night there was a fantastic glow in the sky from Coventry, which lit up an old Oak tree.


I thought it looked amazing, but then I like odd things lol. Just had to photograph it.


This is how it looked this morning. It was a wild and wet start to my day as I walked Paddy along the towpath, but Paddy was non to bothered for a change, he was more interested in pawing at the waters edge. Paddy does not do swimming or water, but he does like to paw at the waters edge for some strange reason, so by the time we got to the boat, he front legs were wet and muddy. With breakfast out of the way and Mog and Dog fed, I turned my attention to both the fires. The back cabin stove I let out overnight, because it was very mild outside, so that had to be cleaned out and relit. The saloon fire just needed the old ash cleaning out of the bottom and then I filled the grate up with Supertherm, which would stay in all day and keep the warm hot for us.

At 9.35 we fired up the engine and cast off. There were no other boats on the move, probably because of the windy conditions, we passed some boats who look like they never move very far. Because it was a little wild with a strong wind, I let Keith steer the boat today. Fifty minutes later we had arrived at the Market Bosworth moorings, where there was plenty of room for us to moor up. A very uneventful hop, but it remained blustery. Coffee was made and then some lunch, before we donned our coats and walking boots to walk to the Bosworth Water Trust. The Bosworth Water Trust is a 50 acre leisure park with 20 acres of lake for dinghy sailing, windsurfing, kayaking and fishing.


By the time we got to the lake the weather had taken a turn for the worst, it was blowing a gale with driving drizzle.


The cafe and shop are only open on Saturday and Sunday's during the winter months.


It wasn't even a day for crazy golf. The last time I played crazy golf in weather similar to this, I was on the Isle of Wight for a weekend with our Worlds.com friends for a gathering in 2001. I was a little surprised not to see lots of waterfowl using the lake, there were the usual Mallards, a Cygnet and some farmyard ducks. Either the waterfowl do not stop off here, or they had been and gone. Having been blown all over the place, we decided to get back to the warmth and dry of the boat. Because of the wind the stoves are working over time, so it is extremely warm throughout the boat, which means I will be letting the back cabin stove out again tonight.

Chat soon xx

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