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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Saturday's Ramble.

Hi Folks.

Today Keith and I embarked on a ramble after getting the usual morning stuff out of the way on the boat.

We left the boat with the weather looking bright and a little breezy and walked up the towpath to opposite the motte and bailey.


The 11th/12th century medieval earthwork looked lovely in the morning sunshine, it is what remains of a castle motte and bailey. This flat-topped motte is partly enclosed by a wide ditch. To the south-west are traces of a bailey platform. The fortress was used as a World War II air raid shelter and rumour has it that there is still a rocking chair buried in there! We will only ever find out if this is true if Time Team come and visit ;0).

Opposite the motte and bailey is a signed footpath, which took us across the old railway, we followed numerous footpath signs and climbed over numerous styles.


Some took us across fields left to nature and another took us across a maize field.


Most of the maize had been harvested, there were just a few remaining ears left for the wildlife, which I am sure will devour what's left as the weather grows colder.


Yesterday I spoke about old buildings left to nature, this tractor has gone the same way, which is a dreadful shame.

We carried on walking, climbing over styles and stomping a long muddy tracks until we crossed back over the railway, where we came across a rather startled Squirrel.


It was unsure whether to go left or right, in the end it scuttled off to the left and we carried on our way to Help Out Mill, which we came to from the rear.


The mill itself has not been in use since the 1960's, but in its day produced flour.


The mill is situated on the River Sence, and is thought to have been the last remaining mill to have been in operation in Leicestershire. The building is very grand and must have been formidable in its day when the Timms family owned it. It is reported the family had been associated with the mill since 1734.

In the former granary is Help Out Mill Restaurant.


There have been many stories as to why the mill got the name Help Out Mill, some say it was to do with the sourcing and keeping of water, which was used to help other mills out when they ran low on water. A very pretty place which would have been very busy in its day. These days it is a place of nice food and wine.

We left the mill and walked along the drive way and back on to the main road into Shackerstone which would take us on a 3/4 mile walk. We then turned off on to the lane down to the Battlefield Railway.


We followed the arrow along the old railway track, up to the station.


I do love looking at old trains.


To think that these would have been hard at work, and now they are lovingly looked after by the people at the Shackerstone Railway Society, which began in 1969.


The station is getting ready for the Christmas Special runs which begin tomorrow, when Santa will be entertaining adults and children alike.


I really enjoyed my ramble today, which ended back on the boat and us eating soup and rolls for lunch.

After a relatively calm morning, the wind has gotten up and we have waves on the canal. Keith is sat making a new rag rug, Paddy is chomping his way through a hide bone and Marmite is laying on her bed in the engine room looking out of the port hole.

Chat soon xx


  1. I'd rather see an old tractor like that in preference to some modern sculptures.
    If you like old working railways we can recommend Loughborough and the Cheddleton to Froghall up the Cauldon Canal. We have enjoyed both on our recent cruises.
    Wozie nb Oakfield

  2. Hiya Wozie. I agree with you anything, I love old things.... I married Keith hehehehe.
    We have been to both Loughborough and Cheddleton, both fantastic fun. Jo xx


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