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Friday, 1 March 2013

Aylesbury Basin to Bridge No.12.

Map picture

Travelled 2.3 miles, worked 3 locks in a time of 1 hour 20 minutes.


Last night Keith and I joined Stein and Jacquie on NB Like Ducks 2 Water for drinks, nibbles and some excellent chit chat. It is amazing how time flies when your having fun.

We said “Goodbye” to Aylesbury after a wonderful few days in the town basin, My only disappointment was we never saw one Aylesbury duck, which was a real shame. Before slipping our mooring, I got rid of a bag of rubbish and then Keith helped me empty both our toilet cassettes, we the set off  to the water point, about 400 metres from our mooring!


Having filled the water tank we were off above the first lock and there we did a shop at Tesco.


The towpath outside Tesco is muddy but the access to the store is excellent, that is me just walking on to the Tesco site. Having done our shopping, I stowed it away in the cupboard, fridge and freezer, we will be fine now until we reach Apsley I think.


11.40 am we left the Tesco mooring to head off out into the countryside for the weekend. As we cruised we were very privileged to see a pair of Red Kites souring over and around us for a good mile. I so wish I had my camera for that shot.


At 12.40 pm we moored up near Bridge No.12 near Broughton, we are the only boat and the only sound I can hear at the moment is a gas gun going off somewhere nearby, which will drive Paddy nuts. My first job when we were moored up was to get the back cabin fire going, whilst that roared into life, I made us some lunch of rolls and doughnuts. It has been ages since I enjoyed a jam doughnut mmmmm it was very yummy and yes I did have to lick the sugar off my lips after the first bite. It is so hard not too LOL.

So this is home for the next couple of days, I have a list of jobs to do over the weekend, but that is only if my sciatica allows, it has been giving me jip again for the past couple of days. But as always I will soldier on regardless.

I received some good news whilst on the move. My Canon 1100D has been fixed. Thomas Camera Services Ltd called me to say it is all ready for dispatch. I have to say I am very impressed with their service and just how quick they have got things done. At all times they have kept me informed of what has been happening. It appears that the camera has been fitted with a new shutter unit, so fingers crossed it will be fine from now on. We will pick my camera up from Keith’s sister’s when we get there.

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