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Friday, 29 March 2013

Blacking Day 4 and 5.

Yesterday I did not post because to be honest I was completely shattered.


I had mentioned revamping a footstool, well this is it. The footstool was mad by Keith’s Grandad many moons ago and was looking a little sad, so I rubbed it down and varnished it, then recovered it with some of the material I have used for cushion covers. I am really chuffed with it.

Anyway back to the blacking, actually there was no blacking involved because we had finished that bit, but I had the tunnel bands to paint red and the bow red to paint. So paintwork done, it was on to the other sewing jobs I had lined up.


I reused the red door curtain material and made some cushion covers for the back cabin cushions. The hearts were made from material used for the back cabin curtains and I bought a bit of cotton lace from the market in Uxbridge. Nothing to exciting, but I like them. Keith and I went into town because I wanted to buy a new shower mat, towels and flannels. Wilkinson’s were doing a great deal on bath sheets, Two for £10 and so it seemed the ideal time to update ours. We also had lunch out at Tai Pan a Chinese Buffet near the boatyard. Four years ago we had a meal there and were so impressed with the food and service, it was no different this time. The staff are so very friendly and the food is amazing well worth a visit if your in Uxbridge. Later in the afternoon Carrie off of NB Blackbird came round for a coffee and a lovely chinwag.

After a nights sleep interrupted by the good old Menopause sweats, Keith and I were sat in bed drinking tea at 7 am discussing the days jobs. I was up by 8 am and the day began as usual for Paddy, he got his walk around the park. Whilst Keith made us scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast, something to sustain us whilst we finished off all the jobs that remained. I got on with washing the outside of the boat, it is amazing how much dust had collected on the roof and gunwales. After breakfast it was on with the next job on our list.


The bow and stern fenders went back on first.


I then retied the top sheets down and cleared up in the dock. The paint tins are doing to be recycled and the rest of the paint trays and brushes etc went in the bin.

We then nipped into town to buy Keith a new pair of M&S jeans a bargain at £15 and I needed some bits as well. This did not take us to long and soon we were back on the boat and the task of getting jobs done carried on. I had done a pile of washing in the machine, so that went in the drier. Keith had been resetting the small freezer to try and get it working more effectively, he had also rewired it.


Marmite was none to impressed with the freezer being put on the worktop and she showed her displeasure by sitting on the freezer whilst Keith worked. Marmite absolutely hates any upset in her routine or changes in the boat and so makes sure we know all about it.

After some lunch, it was time to fill the water tank and get the hoover out to clean the boat right the way through. I had done no cleaning all week, due to working on the boat and with us in and out all the time there seemed little point, but today was the day to get rid of the muddy foot prints, and dog hair. With the inside and the outside of the boat looking spick and span, it was time to celebrate with a bar of chocolate from the corner shop. I think both Keith and I deserve a treat and it is Easter after all when chocolate is a must.

Tomorrow we will be re-floated and on our way to Whaley Bridge.


  1. Well done you two, it all looks very good. We came through Uxbridge on Wednesday, could see Hadar in the dock but no sign of you. We had our nephew staying and he was loving steering and working locks, so we were on a mission.

  2. Hi Jo, hi Keith
    Thanks for having me. It was a real treat to be in Hadar - so cosy and comfortable - chatting about trains and such. I'm afraid we won't meet up for ages now you're heading 'oop north' but you never know!


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