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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Spring has arrived??

Yesterday (Tuesday 5th March) was a beautiful day. There was warmth in the sunshine and a spring in our steps. We decided to take off in the afternoon with the camera and binoculars to see what waterfowl was swimming on the Startops Reservoir.


We spotted Widgeon, Tufted Ducks, Teal, Coots, Moorhens, Black Headed Gulls, Mallards, Swans, Great Crested Grebe and Pochard. None of them really close enough to get a decent photograph with Keith’s camera lens.


We did manage to photograph this coot with white plumage.

After a lovely walk, we stopped off at the Bluebells Tearoom, where we enjoyed a coffee. It was actually the first time we had stopped there for a drink. They have a good menu as well.

Back on the boat, dinner was cooked and an evening of TV was enjoyed, at the moment I am watching MayDay on BBC1, which is a dark 5 part thriller. It was part 3 last night and I still have no idea what the ending is going to be.


Last nights sunset across Startops Reservoir was beautiful, which was helped by the stunning day we had had, with blue skies and no wind.

Today (Wednesday) began grey and it has not change much all day. After breakfast and walking Paddy, we got on with a couple of jobs on the boat. At 11.30 am Dave a fellow blogger and friend arrived with goodies. Dave has very kindly given me an substantial tripod for my camera and large lens, which will be made full use of. I am so happy with the tripod it is going to serve me well in the coming years. Dave also bought us some magazines and cream cakes mmmmmm which were enjoyed over coffee and a good old chinwag. It was wonderful to catch up with Dave and his news. All to soon it was time for Dave to leave us and so we bide him farewell, we then locked the boat up and walked to The Anglers Retreat for some lunch and a pint. After a lovely lunch and a cracking pint of Side Pocket for a Toad (great name),we walked to the top of the Marsworth flight and back to the boat.  The Side Pocket for a Toad is an old Hertfordshire saying alluding to the uselessness of anything. It is brewed by Tring brewery which was founded in 1992. On the boat the kettle went on as did the TV. Apart from Paddy going out for his last walk of the day, I cannot see me going out anymore.

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