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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Marsworth to Cow Roast.

Map picture

Travelled 4.1 miles, worked 7 locks in a time of 2 hours 35 minutes.


With the weather forecast set to be dire, with snow and freezing temperatures, we made the decision to we would move up through the flight, as I did not fancy doing the locks in freezing conditions and a wind chill of –7 c. Before heading off at 9.05 am, Keith cooked us breakfast, whilst I took Paddy for his walk. On our return I got both the fires stoked up and breakfast was enjoyed. Wrapped up again the chill and the snow flurries, I walked to the first lock, whilst Keith moved the boat.



We were not the only ones enjoying the snow flurries, walkers and fishermen were out on Mother’s Day. Yes it is Mother’s Day, I hope you have all remembered?


It did not take us long to get to the top of the flight, I was lovely and warm as I had worked the locks and walked the flight.


I love the lock cottage, it always makes me think of “The Bargee”, because this featured a lot in the film.


Bulbourne Dry Dock Lock, the home of Bates Boatyard and Dry Dock.


Bulbourne was extremely quiet, none of the Winter Moorings had any boats on them.


Still a working piece of history.


Cyprus and  Cedar on their home mooring.


We stopped above Cowroast Lock to take on water. CowRoast Lock gets its name from cow rest, because in a bygone age drovers used to pen their cattle here on their way to London.



Having descended the lock we moored up just below it, locked the boat up and headed for a handy garage to buy some bread and a couple of bars of Chocolate, after all it is Mother’s Day, so this is my present to myself, which will be enjoyed whilst watching England against Italy in the 6 nations Rugby. Come On England.

News on the bear. Thank you for your name suggestions, I will be drawing a name out of the hat later.

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