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Monday, 11 March 2013

Utter disgrace at Marsworth..

Friday morning, I needed to go to the sanitary station to empty a toilet cassette and to get rid of two bags of rubbish. On my way there down the towpath, I saw a Biffa truck parked up ready to empty the bins and when I got there the gentleman working the bins asked me to throw my bags of rubbish into the crusher which I did. I could see the gentleman was on his own and he seemed very angry. I asked him if he was ok and he asked if I could give him a hand with one of the bins as he could not move it on his own. This gentleman was on his own, he did not even have another man driving the lorry with him. I gladly agreed to help him move one of the bins to the lorry, where he set the arm in motion to empty the bin, this bin was hugely difficult to move by the pair of us, so there was no way he would have moved it on his own. He told me that he had found soil in the bin, which had been covered over with bagged rubbish, this had got him incensed.


On looking at the site where the bins are kept, I also felt incensed at the mess which was dumped all over the site. The gentleman told me he could not move the bin in the photograph with cushions on the top, on closer inspection I could see why.


Underneath the bags and cushions were bricks and rubble. Someone had used the bins for fly tipping. The gentleman thanked me for my help and said that he was going to file a report on the state of the site and the contents in the bins.


Strewn across the site is rubbish of every description, now some of it is boaters rubbish but it looks like someone has been dumping builders rubbish, which means someone has been fly tipping. These bins are for boaters, NOT for any Tom, Dick or Harry to dump their rubbish.


This bag is full of pea-shingle.


This bag has an animal carcass in it and it is clear that foxes or dogs have been ripping at the bag. One boater said that their dog had come back with a bone from the site.

I have sent the photographs to C&RT.


  1. Hi Jo,
    Love the name that has been picked. Had difficulty trying to leave comments. Hope this one works. Clare xx

  2. Hi Clare. It did indeed work yayyya.... I think Bramble likes her name ;0)xx


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