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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Bearly alive.

Yesterday I went to the refuse bins to get rid of a couple of bags of rubbish, after all why else would I be going to the refuse bins. That is another story. Anyway on my way there I spot this dear little chap hanging in the hedgerow.
Now anyone who knows me, knows I adore teddies, so on my way back from the refuse point, I rescued him from his thorny prison, cradled him in my arm and took him back to the boat.
After inspecting his injuries, it was time to wash off the green gunge he had gotten covered in. I have no idea how long he had been in the hedge, but it must have been some time, because the green covering was right down into his coat.
After a good scrub and care taken over not breaking off  his damaged leg, he looked so much better and there even seemed to be a glint back in his eye.
He was rung out and then hung in the back cabin to dry in front of the stove. I know it looks cruel hanging him by his ears, but there was no other way. So the drying process took place over night and the next task will be to sew his leg back on.
Watch this space for more teddy progress……… Can you suggest a name????
All names suggested will go into a hat from blogger and Facebook and I will then choose one.


  1. Well if you found him hanging in a tree, perhaps his name was 'Chestnut'? Or maybe 'Conker'?
    Of course a wee lady bear might be called 'Hazel'?

  2. George or Georgia coz he was found in a bush :-)


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