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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Back in Stone.

Map picture

Travelled 9.41 miles, worked 5 locks in a time of 4 hours 25 minutes.

Since Uxbridge we have done 154 miles, worked 115 locks in a time of 75 hours and 55 minutes.


Last night we had the most wonderful sunset, which set the trees on fire.


The air was still and the only sound I could hear as I stood on the stern of the boat was Canada Geese say “Goodnight” to each other and cows mooing in the field in front of Shugborough Hall.

When I retired to bed, the sound of a Tawny Owl sent me off into a deep sleep and a Woodpecker woke me up with its pecking on a tree trunk as if sending a coded message to its friends. This is why I love my life, I get to enjoy the wildlife from start to finish of each day.


Over night we had had a heavy frost. When I opened the back cabin doors to the world, a mist was rolling up the canal to greet me. The air was so still and the birds were singing, a great way to begin a new day.


We left at 8.25am and headed to our first lock of the day.


Shugborough Hall looks stunning in the morning sunshine. Had just arrived at the first lock where a boat was already to come down, so the lock would be with us and this happened all the way to Stone, there are some benefits of being on the Trent and Motorway. Moored above Great Haywwod Lock were Scooby and Rita on Festina Lente. Rita gave us a wave as we passed them by.


This Swan has a high rise nest in the middle of a meadow. We had a wonderful cruise all the way. It as made nicer by the warming sunshine after a chilly start.


At Weston this Swan was trying to undo the door, so cute.


Canada Goose sitting tight on her nest, normally when a boat passes them they toddle off.


Cat on a hot tin roof.


It seemed like no time at all before we had arrived in Stone and so moored up below Star Lock. We then locked the boat up and had a quick walk into the town so I could get Keith a new pair of trousers, as the zip on his only pair of thin summer trousers broke this morning. Now when I say new I mean from a charity shop and they only cost £3.80. We met a few friends in the town and was pleased to see Stone has changed very little since our last visit a year ago.

No cruising tomorrow as it is my birthday, so I get a day off yayyyy.


  1. Hi Jo,
    We hope that you have a very happy & relaxing Birthday tomorrow.
    All the best, Kevin & Harry

  2. Hi Jo,
    Happy birthday for today. Do hope you are having a lovely one.


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