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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Braunston stay. Sunday.

Another cold old morning, it was –3c when I took Paddy out for his morning stroll.

Michael and Geraldine set off just after 9am with friends helping them down the locks. We will probably see them in a couple of weeks as they return this way.

Sunday is pretty much like any other day of the week there are always jobs that need to be done on the boat, so having had Mushrooms on Toast for breakfast, it was on to job one, which was to stitch the cratch boat ropes. The spirals keep coming undone and so I decided that I would stitch them together to stop them from unravelling. Whilst I did this Keith went off down to Midland Chandlers to get a couple of bits. Whilst standing on the gunwale, I saw a boat coming out of the tunnel at speed and the speed did not decrease whilst approaching me, at the same time a boat was coming out of the lock, as he approached me on tick over, the other boat was causing a bow and stern wave a water skier would have been able to use. I asked the steerer as nicely as I could, would he slow down past moored boat, he completely ignored me. The gentleman on the other boat was not nearly as polite, as he got shoved about all over the place. He apologised to me for his language, but just saw red when he saw the other boat coming towards him at speed, when she should have been on tick over. You know I am not even sure he would have slowed down had I fallen in due to his wash, because our boat lurched and I had to hold on to the sheeting.

Spirals all done, I washed down the side of the boat and then got on with giving it a coat of polish, to make sure the red does not bloom. Red is known for fading quickly and so twice a year I give it a polish to keep it looking fresh. Keith was still not back by the time it got to lunch time, which meant he had met up with someone along the way. It happened to be James on Archimedes and Mike on Victoria who were making their way up the locks, so Keith gave them a hand with the locks and had a good old natter as well.

Mike was sporting a beard, which looked very becoming. Victoria was sporting yet another leak, he had one on the way to the Easter gathering at Ellesmere Port, that was kind of sorted out, but now he has another one, which has been bodged up with stick for now until he can get it sorted out, so fingers crossed the pump keeps working.

James was looking very well and I had the chance for a quick chat, whilst I handed over half a ginger cake for him, Mike and the crew. Unfortunately I did not make the cake, I bought this one. I know shame on me ';0(. Keith thoroughly enjoyed helping them out up the locks and was more than ready for some lunch.

After lunch I cooked some apples and made a crumble for pudding, I then put together a Thai chicken curry for dinner, which went into the back cabin stove after the apple crumble. As the afternoon wore into the evening the number of boats coming past slowed down to a crawl and peace was returned to the canal for the evening.

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