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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Blowing a hooley.

Map picture

Travelled 19.12 miles, worked 1 lock in a time of 6 hours 30 minutes.


We had a quiet night in Rugby. Having done the usual morning stuff, we set off at 8.35am with the wind getting up a little, making it a little on the chilly side. We said “cheerio” to Bet and Graham and wished them luck with selling their boat and their new adventure.


Onward through Newbold Tunnel. Sadly there are now only three of the coloured lights working in the tunnel, someone needs to change the bulbs.


Wrapped up against the weather.


I love Donkeys.


As we were approaching Stone Bridge on the outskirts of Coventry we met The Cheese Boat coming through the bridge ’ole. Onward to Hawkesbury Junction, I worked the stop lock and Keith did the turn off of the Oxford Canal and on to the Coventry Canal. We made the turn at 12.45pm.


We passed my favourite dry dock and its manikins.


Charity dry dock is a feast for the eyes.

I kept the coffee coming and lunch was eaten on the move, I put some Ham and Cheese slices in the back cabin oven to warm through. They are a meal in themselves and kept us going.

Nuneaton was then in our sights, I call it the land of the allotments, because there are a lot of them. With the sun out, people were busy tending their plots, hoping to grow their vegetables for the year. It is clear to see some spend a lot of time on their allotments and others need to try harder. I smile at the sheds or all shapes and sizes, of course we all know the sheds do not house the spades and forks, they are in fact a refuge for the gardener, where he keeps his kettle, magazines and a comfy chair. I remember when I had a vegetable garden, it was very rewarding and relaxing tending the land, but I do not miss it.


Anyone missing some waders? They were just outside of Nuneaton hanging around.


At 3.05pm we moored north of Nuneaton, just south of Springwood Haven Marina. The wind was blowing a hooley and I think we were all happy to stop for the day.

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