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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Furness Vale turn Left and Whaley Bridge.

Wide awake at 6am on a Sunday morning arghhh now that is just not one, so we sat in bed drinking tea and watching the news. Paddy never stirred, but Marmite came into the back cabin to say “Good Morning”.

The forecast for the day was favourable and so we decided that we would go off walking again after breakfast.


This morning we walked back to the road bridge, walked up over the railway line.


Past The Crossings Pub like yesterday but at the t junction we turned left.


We walked up past the village school and down below we spotted our boat.


The pavement then took us down to a footpath which crosses over the canal, so we walked down towards Whaley Bridge.


We arrived at the junction with Bugsworth Basin, walked up over the footbridge.


Tesco can be seen from the bridge.


The towpath on the 7 day moorings has been rebuilt which is fantastic. 40 metres of the washwall had collapsed into the canal and so you could not moor up. But C&RT rebuilt the wall last Summer. Great job.


Whaley Bridge Basin.


Transhipment Shed. Dated 1832 and built to allow transfer of material from rail to boat or vice versa. The centre arch is over the Peak Forest Canal and the two side arches covered the rails of the Cromford & High Peak Railway.


In side the shed.


George Street.


George House Antiques one of our favourite shops.


Jodrell Arms Hotel is sadly closed, this Grade II listed building has a Jacobean frontage and looks very sad at the moment. It will be wonderful to see it open again someday.


Mechanics Institute  was built in 1876 and is now the town hall, library and function room.

Most of the shops were closed, but we will walk back in during the week to visit the antique shops and have another nose around. We continued our walk back from whence we came and then along the towpath back to the boat, where I got on with making us some lunch and then a pie for dinner.

Whilst looking for some of Furness Vales history I came across their own history website and found that we were on it. It would have been lovely if they had knocked on the boat, then I could have made them a cuppa and we could have had a nice chat, because Furness Vale is a lovely place with a lot of charm.

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