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Friday, 19 April 2013

Onward to sunny Great Haywood.

Travelled 20.39 miles, worked 4 locks in a time of 8 hours 10 minutes.

We left our over night mooring at 8.10am, the sun was shining on and off and the wind had dropped pheww. It was still a little chilly but that did not bother either of us, because the back cabin stove was going and the kettle was on.

Spring must have finally sprung because today we saw Five Swans nesting, two lots of Ducklings and Three Swallows.

All snuggled up one Pen wass brooding 6 eggs according to the owner of the house whose garden she is nesting in.

It is so nice to see Ducklings again and they always make me smile no matter how many times I see them every year.

We made excellent progress today and saw a few boats on the move. In no time at all we had passed Streethay Wharf and said “Hello” to Henry who moves Historic Working Boat Cactus around the country, we do love him and Phyllis they are a wonderful couple who were bought up on the boats and a mind of information.

We arrived at Fradley Junction at 11.15, I worked the swing foot bridge and then walked up to the first lock, where a volunteer lock keeper had the lock ready for us, he told me to head to the second lock and get it ready, so off I strode to find someone already going down in the lock, so a real result. It is nice to be back on the Trent and Mersey Canal, although I do tend to call it the Trent and Motorway, because it does get very busy.

Up through Woodend Lock and I put some lunch on. Lunch was a warmed up meal slice and a coffee, so we could keep on the move.

At Armitage Tunnel, I walked ahead to make sure no other boat tried coming through what is now a cutting whilst we were coming through. Rugeley was very quiet, there were hardly any boats moored there and in fact all the major places where boats tend to moor were quiet.

Colwich Lock was against us as a boat had just left it, but with no one waiting to come down I turned the lock.

We moored up in front of Shugborough Hall at Great Haywood after a fab days cruising. I have kept it short because dinner is cooking and I have jobs to get on with, so see you tomorrow.

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