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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Cometh the Spring.

Yes we all know Spring has arrived a little late, but it is certainly here now what with birds nesting, ducklings sighted at Weedon, Butterflies fluttering by, the Chestnut and Willow trees with their leaves unfurling, Catkins dangling from the trees like little lanterns to the season. The hedgerows are turning from a dark brown to lush green and all of this has been happening over the past few days with the warmer weather.

Yesterday we were still in Braunston, but I was ever hopeful of us getting away, either with our Fridge/Freezer was going to be fixed or we would be having a borrowed one, but one way or another we will be heading toot sweet up to Whaley Bridge to get our Inverter/Charger sorted out. Yesterday whilst sitting on the boat waiting for the fridge/freezer repair man to arrive, there came a knock on the boat and standing on the towpath was Angie on NB Lady Esther. Dave was back at the lock ready to go through the tunnel and Angie was walking over the tunnel, so I walked up the towpath with her, to catch-up on their news. They are heading down to the Thames, lucky things. Oh well there is always next year. I hope they have the most wonderful time. The repair man arrived late in the day and having done a few further tests on our fridge/freezer it was agreed that it was not right even though they had repaired it a few days earlier with an new electronic unit, clearly there was something else going on as well, so it was taken off the boat again and they have loaned us a fridge so we could get underway phewwww. I have to say that Daventry Refrigeration have been very good and we are sure they will find out what the issue is now with our shoreline.

Map picture

Travelled 11.18 miles, worked 9 locks in a time of 6 hours.

Wooo hoooo we were off. The sun was out after early showers and all was well in my world when I took Paddy out for his walk. We set off at 8.30am and shared the Braunston Locks with NB Isabella Grace.


We took no time at all to get down the locks and soon we were moored up taking on water at the stop house. Whilst I did water and got rid of rubbish, Keith popped round to Tradline and pick up a pair of tipcats as ours are dying slowing. SAM_4996

On our way to the chandlers we passed NB Tickety Boo but neither Christine or Alan were there. We got to Midland Chandlers and moored up on their mooring, whilst I emptied the 2 toilet cassettes, Keith popped in to the chandlers and bought some cable and bits to temporarily wire up the temporary fridge, as it is too wide to fit in the fridge/freezer space, it is having to sit in the saloon, and Keith has temporarily extended the power cables so they now reach. Everything is very temporary at the moment, but at least we have a fridge. Whilst I emptied the cassettes, I fell over and grazed both my knee’s. I cannot remember the last time I fell over, but I hope it does not happen again for a long time, because my right knee is now very sore.

Onward we were heading towards Barby Marina when a boat shouted that there was a moored boat across the canal, it had broken its stern mooring rope.


When we arrived yes it was right across the canal, now we could have done like the other boater did and just slip down the outside, leaving the boat strewn across the canal, but no we stopped and between us we secured the stern to the piling. The owner does need a stronger rope as it was thread bare to say the least.



We arrived at the Hillmorton Locks and travelled down the three locks with a Braunston hire boat, which had several gentlemen on the boat, who were only to happy to help me with the locks and so who am I to refuse.


We arrived in Rugby at 2.30pm and I walked ahead to see if there was a space for us and low and behold there was only one. Moored in front of us was Bet and Graham on NB Tranquility. It had been sometime since we had seen them and so I was sad to hear the news that their boat is up for sale. They are calling time on their life on the cut and moving back on to dry land, which is very sad. So many people we know have either done it already or are going to do it ;0(. It was lovely to have a catch up chat with them, before I headed off to Pets at Home to buy dog and cat food. Whilst I did that, Keith wired in the fridge. When I got back laden down with pet food, we set off for Tesco to do a big food shop, which will last us for a couple of weeks now we have a fridge.

Phew it has been one hell of a busy day and I am going to sit down and put my feet up after dinner.


  1. Hi Jo,
    You must be relieved on getting a working fridge. Now that the weather is warming up you need one. Sorry to hear about your fall. I quite often fall and Ian is always telling me to pick my feet up. He reckons I can trip over a blade of grass!

    Stay safe,

    Irene Xxxx

  2. Hi Ian and Irene.

    It is great to have a fridge and to be able to fill it LOL.
    I slipped today on the gunwale and had a foot in the water and my bad knee on the gunwale, thank goodness for the handrail, I was able to pull myself back up phewww

    Love to you both xxxx

  3. Careful Jo, It is said that things come in threes so careful you don't go falling in!


  4. Irene. I am now being very careful, because knowing my luck I will fall in next LOL. xx


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