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Monday, 1 April 2013

Kings Langley Wide’s to Cow Roast.

Map picture

Travelled 7.85 miles, worked 23 locks in a time of 7 hours 5 minutes.


A very chilly start to the day, someone has forgotten to tell the weather it is supposed to be warming up. Not only that it was doing its best to snow when we left our mooring at 8.45 am. Andrew on NB Boudica came past us as we were just about to leave ourselves, so we tagged on behind him and followed him to the first of the 23 locks for the day. On arriving at Hemel (Hemel Hempstead) we were met with a cheery wave from Christine on NB Andromeda, she is on her way to the Little Venice Cavalcade. It was nice to say a quick “Hello” to her again.


By the time we reached Winkwell the snow had stopped. Keith let me off before Winkwell lock because the boat that is sinking is still there on the lock mooring bollards. I feel another e-mail coming on.


I then walked up and operated the swing bridge, whilst Keith and Andrew carried on working the lock.


We had a most enjoyable time cruising with Andrew, he has his own system like most people who single hand, so I let him do his thing whilst I did mine and it worked like a dream. We had thought we may originally stop at Sewerage but it was early and Andrew was carrying on so we reached Sewerage Lock at 12.15 pm and the pasties I had put in the oven earlier to warm through were almost ready and my stomach was thinking my throat had been cut. I had worked up such a hunger. After a bit to eat on the move I made us another coffee, to warm me through because it was cold, even with me doing all the lock work with Andrew.


The Rising Sun looked so inviting with people drinking inside, I could have done with a pint.


Berkhamstead was in sight and although we were not stopping, it was not that long ago that we had come through it.



Last locks of the day for us were the Dudswell pair, we were going to stop below Cow Roast Lock, because we knew the moorings were deep enough and there may not be anywhere to moor at Bulbourne. To be honest it did not feel like 23 locks worked, but when your haring even with someone who is single handing, it does make life so much easier. Andrew was a pleasure to be with and we did have a laugh. The moorings below Cow Roast lock on the piling were full so we moored up and put our Rond Anchors in, they will do for the night. Chilli is cooking on the stove and I am looking forward to a quiet night on our cosy boat.


  1. Your travels beat any exercise in the gym Jo, and these gates are tough aren't they !! Soon we'll be in London. Hope all your boat issues get sorted out. See you later in the year ? Jacquie

  2. Ha! Infamy at last. It was a pleasure sharing the day with you and looking out of the window, your trip onward from Cowroast is going to be under a clear blue sky. We're going to stop here and recuperate for a day or so, but good luck on your journey Northward. Hope our paths cross again.

    Andy, Jackie & Sophie the Wonderdog on NB Boudica.


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