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Monday, 29 April 2013

In to Bugsworth Upper Basin.

Map picture

Travelled 1.36 miles in a time of 55 minutes.

Travelled since leaving Uxbridge 201.4 miles, worked 142 locks in a time of 100 hours.

It was a wet start to Monday morning, but we only had a short hop. Keith had rung Kuranda to see if they were coming to see us on Tuesday and they were so we left our mooring at Furness Vale at 9.25 am and headed in to Bugsworth Basin.


It was busy in the lower and middle basins, so we moored up in the upper basin where we moored last year when we were here. Having sorted ourselves out and had some lunch we went for a wander and to see if anyone from the Inland Waterways Protection Society (IWPS) was about, so we could let them know our situation.


The middle basin almost full.


It was never this busy last year. They also had the University of Derby canoeists out in the basin.


I recognised a couple of the boats.


NB Rakiraki-Wandering Duck. Mark and Ruth were no where to be seen on our walk down, but on our walk back they arrived back to the boat and so we had a quick natter with them. It was lovely to hear their news and hear about how their business has been getting on.


Another boat I recognised was NB Fizzical Attraction which belongs to Yvonne and Roger, who we have not personally met, but I dip in and out of the blog from time to time. We may see them both whilst here.


Just as we were about to walk back to the boat the mooring warden from the IWPS arrived, we already knew them from last year and so they were happy for us to stay and we will update them on our progress on Thursday. We are always made so welcome when we come to stay in Bugsworth Basin. They have 48 hour moorings and when they are busy they do ask that boaters only stay for the 48 hours otherwise they will get reminded, but if you do not abuse their hospitality they will give an overstay permit.


The River Goyt is looking very quiet at the moment, but then again we have not had much rain of late.


It was lovely to see Cowslips out in the basin, with Swallows and House Martins flying around in a chilly breeze.

It is nice to be back here and we do hope to catch up more with people we know whilst we are here.

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