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Friday, 26 April 2013

Fourlane Ends to Furness Vale.

Map picture

Travelled 9.66 miles, 0 locks, 2 lift bridges and 1 swing bridge in a time of 4 hours 25 minutes.

Since leaving Uxbridge we have done 199.9 miles, 142 locks in a time of 99 hours and 5 minutes.


We left at 8am and it was a cold start to the day with April showers forecast.


The weather was closing in as we cruised, with low cloud over the Pennines.


Past the flash at High Poynton.


Goyt Mill in all its glory.


Marple Junction in the sunshine.


We turned right on to the Peak Forest Canal. At this point the canal is some 500 feet above sea level.

True to the forecast the April showers began to arrive, but these ones were hailstones, which bounced on and off the rood of the boat.


Turflea lift bridge before Strines. Then I had Wood End lift bridge to do.


Higgins Clough Swing Bridge was a breeze compared to the other days Broadhurst Swing Bridge.


The views of the valleys and the Pennines are breath taking.

Heading into Furness Vale we had hope to moor before the swing bridge, but the moorings were completely full. I did however recognise a couple of boat NB Seyella and NB Moore 2 Life. At Carr Swing Bridge we met up with with Geoff off of Seyella and Ann of of Moore 2 Life, who were out walking the dogs. It has been some time since we saw them, so had a quick natter as I worked the swing bridge. It is always wonderful to catch up with people you know and fellow bloggers. We wished them both well for their Summer cruising and were on our way, thinking we would have to go into Bugsworth Basin today as we could not moor up, but not far past Furness Vale Marina we found a stretch of piling just big enough for us to fit on and deep enough as well.


All moored up I made us some soup for lunch and a coffee. We are staying here for the weekend, and hope that we will have our inverter/charger looked at early next week.

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