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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Black Horse Bridge, Foxton to Symbolds Spinney Mooring.

Hi Friends.

I opened the back cabin doors this morning to reveal a very foggy start to our day, but it soon cleared to reveal a lovely sunny and warm morning, just was needed to do the Foxton Flight, but before we could climb the flight, I booked in with the lockie and waited for a hire boat to descend the flight. No sooner the hire boat had left the locks, we were allowed into the bottom lock. Glyn the lockie had to help us thorough the first couple of locks this morning as they have a section fenced off whilst repairing the damaged footpath alongside the locks. Due to H&S (Health and Safety) he was the only person allowed in the fenced off area, H&S gone barmy again. I enjoyed a good old chin wag with Glyn as we worked our way up the flight, he is clearly enjoying his new job.We had a very pleasant cruise, with no other boats on the move, this is partly due to a stoppage on the Watford Flight for a few days whilst they replace a broken gate. We stopped at a new mooring for us, but one I had been eyeing up for ages, it is near Symbolds Spinney, midway between bridge 38 & 39. Having moored up I made us some lunch and a Coffee, we then discussed what we would be doing for the rest of the afternoon. The decision was to spend the weekend here painting Hadar, and if this weather holds we may even get the majority of the blue repainted. My first paint job was to black the bow on one side, having done it in less than an hour, we decided to move the boat to the winding hole on the otherside of bridge 36 and come back to the Symbolds Spinney mooring, so that I could then black the other side of the bow. I have blacked the bow now because the boat is not going into dry dock for blacking until the beginning of May, so the bare steel needs some protection now that it is out of the water. With the bow done I then got inside the gas locker and started backing the floor, I managed to do half of it, but the other half was still a little damp, so I will finish it tomorrow hopefully. Whilst I was doing the blacking, Keith was adding another coat of paint to his water can. Paddy and Marmite were out on the towpath enjoying the lovely sunshine. Marmite thought rolling in the dirt was pure joy. With jobs done for the day, I have some pasties baking in the back cabin stove and potatoes and veg cooking on the top. I have done enough for one day, but will be busy again tomorrow if the weather is good.
I am now off to put my feet up, so Chat soon xx.

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