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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Mountain Barn to Welford Wharf.

Hi Friends.

It was another cold start to the day after a chilly old night. I have reached the coughing stage of my cold, and Keith has just come down the the sore throat, so looks like he has the dreaded lurgy now.
Neither of us was up until after 7.30am. First job of the day was to get dressed and then put the kettle on for a cuppa. I made us some Porridge for breakfast, which was needed on this chilly morning. Paddy then got a run out across the fields, which not only cleared the cobwebs out of his head, but it also cleared my sinuses. I could near a Buzzard somewhere close by, but could not see it until I stood on Mountain Barn Bridge. It was flying over the wood, so I wonder if it has begun nesting there?
Back on board, I made up both the stoves and emptied the ash pans. Copper Kettle was then filled and put on the back cabin stove, so that we could have Coffee on the move. As we moved off of our over night mooring, Keith steered the boat and I got on with preparing tonight's dinner of Pork Loin Chops in Gravy with Apple sauce. After the chops were browned in the pan I put them in an oven dish and covered them in gravy. They are still slow cooking in the back stove and the smell is mmmmmmmm.
I did not have any takers for coal along the way, so I got to enjoy the views and a nice hot Coffee. We turned into the Welford Junction and cruised the One and half miles to the wharf. Because there was a boat on the water point and another moored in the way, we were unable to wind the boat, but we were fortunate to find a spot empty on the wharf moorings. NB Warwick had been in the mooring, but was filling up with water on the water point, so we pulled into their mooring and moored up. We got chatting to NB Warwicks crew before they left for their days cruising. I then delivered coal to one of our regular customers. Another gentleman came and knocked on the boat asking for a couple of bags of coal. Regular customers are so important to me, they are what keeps me doing the job I do. The gentleman asked Keith for the coal and Keith told him "My wife is the coal merchant", he then went to pay Keith for the coal, Keith told him it is my wife's business, I just steer the boat. I think that some people find it strange that I am the one who runs the coal business. Keith steers the boat and helps with deliveries if needed, but I do everything else to make the business work and I love every minute of it.
As the day has worn on, I delivered coal to a regular customer in the marina and got to catch up on all the news. The towpath telegraph is a wonderful thing, it works much better than news papers or telephones.
Some good news today was that Bruce on NB Boston is back home on his boat after being poorly in hospital. I am hoping to see him before we leave for Foxton.
The TV channel situation is not brilliant here, we have channels Two, Four and Five, so we may need to watch a DVD later if all else fails.
Paddy and Marmite are both horizontal at the moment. They certainly have a charmed life.
I now have to think about what we are going to have with our Pork tonight. I have boat jobs to do, but finding the enthusiasium to do them is not going to be easy, maybe they will have to wait until tomorrow or even the weekend.

Chat soon xx.


  1. sorry you're both feelng bad, but I have been lucky I haven't had anything this year.
    sorry, I'm bragging now!
    You do work hard I've noticed that before but if you enjoy it, then thats fine.
    hope you feel better soon.

  2. Hi Annette. Thank you for your message. We will survive. Over the past 6 years of living on the canal, I have been really lucky, but this Winter I have had two colds, so not so great.
    I do work hard, but I love it and hope that I can continue to do it for many years to come, but we will see.
    Have a great week. x


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