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Friday, 25 March 2011

Paint and more paint jobs done and dusted.

Hi Friends.

We had the most beautiful sunset last night, which could be seen from our galley window.
I went to bed at 9.30pm and left Keith watching a Clint Eastwood movie. I was dead to the world when he eventually came to bed.

We awoke to a bright sunny morning once again, so I made us a cuppa, which we drank in bed and discussed the plans for the day. The main plan was to start the blue repaint on the boat.

Having got up, taken Paddy for his walk, I started the paintwork off by finishing off the blacking in the front locker, this took me all of 10 minutes. I then rubbed down the engine room hatches, edging around the front locker lid, front deck cross beam and cross beam across the cabin top. I then started painting on the new blue and immediately I saw a huge difference. Whilst I was doing this Keith was filling the top of the back cabin doors, so that they could be undercoated. He then got on with his water cans. 10am came and it was time for a well earned coffee, so we got the chairs out for the first time this year and sat and enjoyed our coffee in the glorious sunshine. Across the field a Tawney Owl began hooting, which was a little strange for 10am in the morning. The Skylarks then joined in with their song and before we knew it, there was bird song all around us and no other sound could be heard. I am so pleased we stopped here. Break over with it eas back to the paint pit until lunch time, when I made us some Cheese and Tomato rolls, which again were deserved and much needed. As we sat down to lunch we could hear a Peacock from a local farm, it as certainly a day for the birds. After lunch I emptied the engine room and rubbed the floor down, I then painted that with Red Oxide, so that it is protected when wet. This meant Paddy had to stay in the boat. Marmite however was let out of the galley window on her lead, she enjoyed the afternoon sunshine and the birds on the feeders. We have had a very busy day which did not end until 4pm when we called it a day.
One of the first things I painted was the engine room door hatches. Thankfully changing the blue on the boat is pretty straight forward, because we are painting over blue, but it does time and patience to make sure there are no streaks in the paintwork, because they will look unsightly when it is dry.Whilst I was painting the boat, Keith was painting his water can. He had the shading to do on the sign writing. It looks really lovely now that it has been finished. He is now working on the second one.What would you like, I can make you a cuppa, or sell you an ice cream?
I am thinking of sending Paddy out to work as an assistant in an ice cream van ;0)
Chat soon xx


  1. I think Paddy would do a roaring trade !!....I watched High plains Drifter last night it was great ..i first saw it at the pictures ...that seemed a long time ago !!I'm tired now as i was walking our dogs at 5.45 am this morning ...have a great weekend...x

  2. Hi Lorna.

    Whilst I think Paddy would be good for business, I am not sure they would want hair of the dog with their ice cream hahaha. He is a sweetie though.
    I could not stay awake through High Plains Drifter and although Keith stayed up to watch it, he apparently kept falling a sleep lol.
    I hope your weekend is a good one. I have been trying to get into your blog, but my signal is so bad here, I cannot see your photos, will try when I have 3G. Hugss xx

  3. Thank you for sharing .... thank very much....

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