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Friday, 18 March 2011

Top to Bottom of Foxton Locks.

Hi Friends.

We had a fairly uneventful trip down through the locks this morning. We left the mooring at 8.15 am expecting to be the first to use the flight, but we were mistaken. We had the new lock keeper Glyn on today, he was getting to know the ins and outs, so Keith was happy to give him a helping hand. We had to wait for 2 boats to come up before setting off down the flight, and had to pass a third at the midpoint. Whilst coming down the flight I got chatting to Chris and his wife off of NB Meanders, who have a Winter mooring in Yelvertoft Marina. They are a lovely couple who we first met when they came down to Market Harborough and moored in the basin for a couple of days. Chris very kindly helped with the gates as we descended the flight. We are now moored up at our favourite spot at the junction opposite Foxton Locks Inn and Bridge 61. We will be here for the weekend.
I have taken avantage of using Tony Matts washing machine, which is an industrial machine, I managed to do all the bedding including the mattress covers. Having got it all washed I then paid to use the tumble drier, in all it cost me £7.10, which is not bad at all, because it was a large load and it saved our little machine on the boat. Tomorrow I want to wash all of the crocheted blankets and towels ready for the Summer.
As I type this Paddy is collapsed on the floor by my feet, Marmite is asleep in the back cabin and Keith is standing on the back counter nattering to a passer-by. The sun is shining and we are looking forward to a lovely weekend.
It is Red Nose Day (CLICK) today and we will be watching the fun on BBC1 later no doubt. Have you done something funny for Money?????

Cuat soon xxx


  1. Hello there again, I just wanted to say that your blog of canal life is quite fascinating and a breath of fresh air, something I can totaly relate with. In the past I have been a milkman, and for four years was out in whatever the weather, come what may, the customer came first.

    Ive been looking for an total change in lifestyle for a while now, my wife passed away a number of years ago, my kids are grown up etc. Ive always been an active, camping type of person, never quite comfortable in hotels, and now also feeling the same about rattling about in a three bedroom semi.

    Anyway, im going to a local marina tomorrow to do some more research, and look around some more boats.

    Keep up the good work.


  2. Hi Paul.

    Living on a boat is a lifestyle change, but one some just cannot cope with when they take to the water. There are many things to consider before spending your hard earned money on a boat.
    For instance:
    Are you going to be a continuous cruiser or do you want a residential mooring?
    Have you ever been on a boat before, if not then you should try before you buy and not just in the summer.
    You should also work out the costs of living on a boat, because it is not a cheap way of life.
    A good idea is to also chat to other boaters, to get ideas.
    If after all your research you still want to buy a boat, then take a helmsman's course to learn how to operate a boat properly.
    Buy a boat from a brokerage as they will help you through the process.
    There is a list as long as your arm to buying a boat, so I will not bore you right now, but if I can help further let me know.

  3. Hi Jo, and thanks for the advice,

    I had good half a day at the marina today and looked around about 12 boats, a mix of NB and WB. From todays experience id say a WB is the type of boat for me. I do not intend to do extensive crusing all over the uk, the wide canal system here in the yorkshire area would be enough for me.

    The cost of moorings at the marina worked out at £45pw with electric hookup and the usual other facilities, my mortgage is £30pw at the moment, but heating and electric costs would be a lot less for a boat, swings and roundabouts as usual.

    I must confess I did secretly fall in love with one boat, my heart said yes, my head would have had a hard time if id had the cash in my pocket today, lol.

    Anyway, I learned a lot today, and theres still more ins and outs to learn.




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