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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Market Harborough to Black Horse again.

Hi Friends.

Having made our last coal delivery of the season to Market Harborough yesterday, we said our goodbye's to some of our regular customers until October.
Yesterday ended up with us both being in bed by 9.30pm, we were both too cream crackered to sit up any longer. I was thankful that I kept the back cabin stove in overnight, because when we woke up at 5.30am it was a tad chilly. I racked out the fire and got it roaring away, whilst I made us both a cuppa. There was little to discuss about what the day would bring, because we only had one coal drop off.
Before leaving Market Harborough we winded in the basin, stopped on the sanitary station to get rid of rubbish and to top the tank up with water. Whilst the the tank was filling we had a natter with Malcolm who helps with the hire fleet. It has been an early and busy start for them with most of their boats already out. I hope this bodes well for the company this year, after there were some cancellantion due to being frozen in. Water tank filled, we set off for Foxton Village. The sun was shining, it felt like a summer's morning. It was so warm I was in my t-shirt and of course my trousers, shorts would have been going a little far, they are still in the box. We have noticed increased traffic this past week or so and today was no different. It seems we always meet up with boats at bridge holes and today was no exception. The crew on the other boat very kindly allowed us through even though it was 50/50. As we passed by I thanked them and we passed the time of day. If only all boaters were this gracious at bridge holes towards working boats ;0). By the time we reached the Foxton Village swingbridge, there was one boat moored on the bridge bollards, it looked loike he was single handed and waiting for some help, that help came in the shape of a gentleman on the boat behind us, who very kindly opened the swingbridge for us all. My heart was however in my mouth when his Springer Spaniel who was not on a lead, jumped from the moving swingbridge on to the bank. It then did an about turn to jump back, but we were already half way through the gap. If it had tried to jump back it would have missed, which would have ment it would have been in the water as we came through the gap. I dread to think what could have happened. I thank the gentleman for his help and he went on his way.
We are now moored up at Black Horse Bridge waiting for a Tesco food delivery. Before lunch I delivered a couple of bags of coal to a regular customer, on my return to the boat I then made us both a Sausage sandwich with the remaining Sausages from yesterdays purchase at the market.
I am not sure what this afternoon will bring, but at the moment I am enjoying a coffee whilst listening to our local radio station. Have a lovely day.

Chat soon xx

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  1. I do enjoy reading about your days ...especially after a hectic day at school...x


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