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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Market Harborough to Black Horse again.

Hi Friends.

Moving day again and for some odd reason we were awake at 3.30am. I really must adjust my internal alarm clock, I am not cut out for waking that early in the morning. Thankfully I did go back to sleep until 6.30am ish. I was then in need of a cuppa, so got up and put the kettle on. Marmite was doing her level best to get our attention, what with scratching at the back cabin curtains and running up and down the boat. This told me that both her food dishes were empty and she wanted feeding, but as she does not rule the boat, she would have to wait until Paddy was walked. He did not get walked until we had had our Porridge for breakfast. As we stepped off of the boat, it was clear we had had some rain over night, so the towpath was muddy once again underfoot. A couple of Mallard's were seeing who could quack the loudest, they were making quite a din. I then heard the whooshing of wings in the air which could mean only one thing. A Swan was coming into land. The local cob had been on his own for a couple of days with no sign of the Pen, so people were a little worried as to where she had gone, but the worry was over because she swooped down over the basin and landed with extreme grace alongside the boat. I just wish I had had my camera to hand, because I would have got some stunning photographs.
We made the boat ready for the off. Firstly we winded in the basin, took on water, disposed of rubbish, etc. Then we headed off for Foxton, and Black Horse Bridge where we would be taking on a food delivery. The cruise was only an hour and half, but was lovely in the intermittent sunshine.
We arrived at Foxton at 11.35am and moored up in our usual place with no other boats on the moorings. The morning sunshine has now turned into sunshine and showers, April seems to have arrived early. Marmite is a sleep in the back cabin and Paddy keeps popping his head out of the back cabin doors to see if anyone is around. He loves to greet people walking along the towpath. I am now waiting for our Tesco food delivery to arrive. Then we can have a Coffee, because we have run out, which is not usual for us. I blame myself, I usually know exactly what we have in the cupboard. I know I have ordered two jars this time, so one in use and one in stock. I like to keep a good stock of everything, just in case we should get stuck somewhere, where there are no shops. With a new food delivery arriving later, I have washed out the fridge and the food cupboard, so they are spick and span for the food to go into. Spring must be here ;0).
Not sure if we are moving tomorrow, because Keith may have to go back into Market Harborough to collect his new laptop which he has ordered. The fiasco of the old one went on until yesterday, when Keith finally asked for his money back because Dell were just messing him around and as this had been going on since December, enough was enough. So hopefully coming in the post tomorrow will be another laptop, which I sincerely hope does not let us down.
I now have to decide what we will be having for dinner tonight. There are days when I really have no desire to cook anything and I think this is one of them.

I hope your day is a good one or has been a good one, depending on where you are in the world.

Chat soon xx

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