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Thursday, 10 March 2011

A sad reflection.

Hi friends.

For those of you reading this from abroad you will probably not have a clue what I am writing about, but I still feel the need to post on a TV program I watched last night. The program was 'Jamie's Dream School' (CLICK), where Jamie Oliver sets up a school with some famous teachers from a wide variety of areas in society. He then takes 20 young people who have failed in ordinary schooling, to see if he can encourage them to give school another chance. Last night's program was the second in the series and still these young people have no idea about rules and respect for their elders. It really is disturbing that these young people think that they deserve respect. I was always taught, to get respect you had to earn it and so far non of them are earning respect as far as I can see. They sit talking in class, which is extremely rude, they play on their laptops and mobiles whilst the celebrity teacher is trying to instill some structure into their lives. I felt really sorry for Simon Gallow again last night, he was trying to talk to them about Shakespeare, in the end he ended up shouting at the group. Two of the girls got into a slanging match and were nearly expelled, which is probably why they failed schooling in the first place. I am all for engaging the youngsters to get them interested in education, but sometimes you are just hitting your head against a brick wall.
I really feel that since discipline in schools has been stopped, schooling has gone down the pan. When I was at school, which is not that many moons ago, we respected the teachers and if we did not you felt the wrath of the headmaster or deputy headmaster. I can honestly say, hand on heart I never visited either of them when I was at secondary school. The deputy headmaster was actually a lot more feared than the headmaster. I really do feel that discipline has to be bought back, because it is clear there is no or very little discipline in the home these days. I was always taught to respect my elders, always say please and thank you and to listen when talked too. My hope is that as this series goes on, we will see some of these young people turn a corner, but at the moment it is hard to see how this is going to happen. If you have not seen it you can watch it online and I think Youtube even has it to watch. Maybe I am getting old, but this is just my opinion.

Chat soon xx


  1. It is refreshing to note that someone has actually noticed there is possibly a problem with general discipline and an overall lack of respect between (a large section of) teenagers and their seniors. Why is it that those in power don't seem to be able to see it? Perhaps they can, but are too restricted by the reems of red tape that seems to be strangling our country these days. I speak from experience. I am a retired police officer, my wife is a retired teacher. I spent my working life arresting teenagers for petty crime, (which nonetheless had the potential to make other people's lives hell), only to see them snigger as they are cautioned and then return to us time and time again. They just laugh it off and see it as a badge of honour. My wife, who still works part time, seems to be in a living hell. I certainly couldn't do what she does. The kids seem to be able to do as they please and they know nobody can touch them, (she can't even take hold of an arm to escort a trouble maker out of the room). I really don't know where this will lead us to in the future, but it seems to be a British problem that needs attention urgently. The trouble is, when we do get started on a solution, the problem we now have has been developing for generations, and there will be no overnight fix. Sorry for going on, but it is time that something other than the "sofly softly" approach was tried or we will just be heading for even greater problems in the future.

  2. Hello Peter and Margaret.
    Thank you for your reply. It is always refreshing to know I am not the only one feeling the way I do. The "softly softly" approach has never worked and never will. I do of course realise you cannot tar every young person with the same brush, because there are some wonderful young people out there, my children included, but then I did bring them up to know right from wrong and to respect their elders.
    Giving out ASBO's was the worst thing that could have been done, because kids today see these as a badge of honour and therefore will go out of their way to get them.
    Even living and work the boat we meet lots of young people, so are absolutely wonderful and want to know all there is to know about our life, but then you get the small minority who just want to cause trouble. The worst thing ever to happen to us was to be shot at with an air pistol. The police took it very seriously and thankfully caught the youths who did it. What was disturbing though was when the older of the youth went to court he got comminuty service and a suspended sentence and the police told us they knew he would not stick to it, because he never had before. If this country cannot control the young people of today, this country is seriously in trouble. I fear for the future I really do.


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