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Monday, 28 March 2011

Washing Machine, Painting and Birdlife.

Hi Friends.
With another misty start to the morning we decided to strip our ailing washing machine down to find out why it has been misbehaving, whilst waiting to start the next coat of paint on the cabinside. Recently I have had problems with running the washing machine, and I have been finding a horrible black sludge trapped in the drain pump filter, I have also been complaining of a horrible smell and smoke coming from the machine. Keith smell senses are not the best o he had to take my word for it. So we dragged the machine out into the galley and started taking it apart. Having removed panels, and pipework, Keith took out the drain pump and whilst drying it with a cloth noticed very black water coming from the rubber ring seal, so he removed the ring, and the black water was coming from behind this, and ultimately from the motor part of the pump. It looks like a new pump is needed, so we have left it out and put the washing machine temporarily in the hold until we can get a replacement pump. Hopefully it won't take too long to source one once we are back in Harborough. Having got as far as we could with this, Keith started to clear up inside the galley, whilst I made a start on the 2nd coat of blue on the cabinside. Having finished tidying up Keith joined me outside and put another coat of blue on the large mop pole, and a 1st coat of blue on his 2nd water can. Before I knew it, it was lunchtime, so I made us something to eat and drink, with thoughts of what needed doing next. Because I now want the paint to dry completely, there is very little I can do with my paintbrush, so there was nothing for it but to get out my camera and tripod. I sat by the boat watching the birds on the feeders and these are some of the birds I snapped today.

Male Chaffinch.

Female Chaffinch.

Male Reed Bunting.

Female Reed Bunting enjoying some free food.

Snapping done and the temperature dropping, it was time to pack everything away once more and to retreat into the boat. My Lamb Shank Casserole is cooking in the back cabin stove for dinner, all's I need to do is add some Dumplings. Marmite is snoozing on top of the freezer, she looks so peaceful. Paddy is horizontal in his bed. So all is well with our world.

Chat soon xx

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