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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Great News.

Hi Friends.

Great News.

We heard yesterday by email that Hadar has her BSS exemption for not having a silencer fitted to her engine. We just have to wait for the letter to arrive by post. We appreciate very much the hard work that Philip Rickett did for us on our behalf representing us at the BSS technical committee. It is a huge relief for us and our customers that we will be trading again this Winter.


  1. Hi Jo thats good news for you but without permission what would have happened ? would you have had to fit a silencer would that have been possible ?.....have a great day ...xx

  2. Hi Jo,
    That's excellent news. I can't imagine a work boat like Hadar fitted with a silencer, It just would not sound right. I love the sound of the work boat engine makes, there is just something about it.

    So glad this means you can trade next year, must be a big relief.

  3. Hi Lorna.

    Thank you for your message.
    If we had not got the exemption we would have stopped trading. The BSS has 2 seperate schemes, one is for Private Craft, the other is for for hire craft, small passenger boats, workboats and similar non-private craft. Hadar comes within this no-private boat section, and within the schemes section 2 for inboard engines, specifically section "2.24 silencer – exhaust noise effectively suppressed", and it is a yes/no answer. We had pointed out the difference between the 2 schemes, and even indictated that if we did not get the exemption, then we would cease trading, thus as a private boat we would not be governed by the different scheme. Of course there shouldn't be such a difference, but no doubt if they changed it they would opt for the fitting of silencers. http://www.boatsafetyscheme.com/site/2002nonprivatedownload_192.asp.
    Thankfully they saw in our favour, which makes us and our customers very happy. Because our engine is a tall engine, there is not a huge amount of space to fit a silencer, so not sure what we would have done really xx

    Hi Chris and Steve. Thank you for your message.
    It is a huge relief, because I would have felt as though I was letting my custmers down. But thankfully everything is now fine and we can go off summer cruising happy in the knowledge that we still have a coal run to do. Now i just have to hope I still have some customers left when we come back. x


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