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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Pancake Day.

Hi Friends.

Another chilly night meant we got a glorious morning. There was not a breath of wind, which gave beautiful reflections on the canal. The temperature over night got down to -4.1c at least, so a crisp start to the day and to how it made me feel. There is something really wonderful about a sunny start to the day, it really does help my start to the day.It has been a busy day one way or another for us. We had dentist's appointment at 10.25am and this was really something I was not looking forward too. I am not a dentist fan, but I need not have worried because my new dentist was very nice. I was fortunate that I only needed a check-up, Keith on the other hand has to have two fillings and a crown, so I will leave you to do the maths on how much that is going to cost. I can tell you it is not going to be cheap. With the dentist appointment over with much to my relief, we headed into the town to the Indoor Market, because Keith needed new cordroy trousers, as his have become thread bare. He got a good deal with the store holder who we have got to know, he let Keith have two pairs of trousers for £30, which is very good. We then went our seperate ways, Keith went off to buy dog food and I went to buy fruit and veg. We then met back at the boat eventually. I was back long before he was. I delivered some coal to a customer and spent the rest of the time chatting to boating friends. I am happy to say I can chat for England as you have probably worked out by the length of my posts ;0).
Before dinner a customer came and collected their coal order and of course I stood nattering to them after delivering their coal to their boat. I think we managed to put the world to right. If only it was that easy. With it being Pancake Day, of course I had to join in with the celebration, there was one slight problem though, I only had 2 Eggs and no Plain Flour, so had to think on my feet as to what to do. Hey presto I came up with Scotch Pancakes or Drop Scones, which only required 2 Eggs and Self-raising Flour, so I mixed up the batter and began cooking a mountain of Pancakes on the back cabin stove, which even though I say it myself tasted very yummy with Lemon and Caster Sugar on them. After a very busy day, I am not taking it easy for five minutes, before I have to tackle the washing-up. I will then have the fires to stoke up for the night and odds and sods to do before bedtime, which will probably be early tonight because I am feel everso slightly chream crackered.

Chat soon xx

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