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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Foxton Top Lock to Union Wharf, Market Harborough.

Hi Friends.

Ambition of the day was to get a replacement part for our poorly Candy washing machine.

Before I write about todays event, I thought I would post this photo of the Green slime in the water yesterday. It was not all the way along the canal, just in pockets.

Does anyone know what it is????Ok on to today's events. After a rather disturbed night due to Keith feeling a little under the weather, we were awake pretty early, so rather than lay in bed tossing and turning we got up to a rather cloudy start to Wednesday. With the threat of rain in yesterdays weather forecast, we decided to set off down through the Foxton locks, but before we tackled the locks behind a hire boat, we filled up with water. Whilst I watched the boat, Keith went to sign in with the lockie, who happened to be Terry who we know quite well.Also whilst waiting for the water tank to fill, I got chatting to the workers who were preparing the towpath for re-tarmacing. It did make me wonder how many men does it actually take to do this job and working it out I could have but the work force three, when infact there were six men doing the job. Apparently British Waterways had given the job to May Gurney, but they did not want it so passed it on to another contractor who were working away in their vivid Orange gear, which looked very new. We had a lovely chat about how they had come from the Olympic site to work at Foxton Locks and instead of starting and finishing the job, they would be off to Stoke-On-Trent tomorrow to start another job, then come back to this one. It sounded to me that the left had did not know what the right hand was doing, which means more money was being waisted. With the water tank full we descended the flight of locks behind a hire boat and moved onward to Union Wharf for lunch.

After lunch we walked into town to the domestic appliance shop where we were hopefully we could get a replacement part for the washing machine ordered today. But on arriving at the shop, they tested our pump to discover it was working fine, so clearly that is not the problem. Back to square one me thinks. The gentleman helping us was called Ian and we learnt that we have been passing his narrowboat Quo Vardis throughout the winter. Ian and his wife are not new to boating they have hired for many years and decided to take the plunge and buy a boat. So we had plenty to natter about. Keith offered him some useful tips, which Ian was only to happy to accept. In return Ian is happy to help us out with the washing machine, should it fail to work when we put it back together. We must have chatted for an hour, just as well they were not busy.

Yesterday Keith received a voicemail on his phone to say our new prop is ready for despatch, and needs paying for, ouch! there is always a downside, lol. So we have written the cheque for the new prop and look forward to it arriving at Welford for when we go in for blacking. Back on the boat my homemade Chicken Tikka is cooking nicely in the back cabin stove, the smell is sublime, it is making me feel very hungry.

Before I go I thought I would post this photograph. Tell me what is wrong with it???????

I will tell you that the number is for fishing.


  1. Hi Jo
    The green slime looks like the start of blanket weed. The water temperature has risen so the weed has grown again. You just have to look below the waterline of our boat to see the growth. I expect the ducks will soon be pecking away at it , waking us up!

  2. Hiya to you both.
    Thank you for your message. I did suspect it maybe the case, so it is nice to have it confirmed.
    It is wonderful to see Spring and all it offers. Happy cruising x


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