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Sunday, 6 March 2011

My perfect Sunday.

Hi Friends.
It has been a Sunday of doing exactly what I like. But before that could begin, I had the usual chores, of sorting out both the fires, walking the dog and then feeding the animals. Keith cooked us both breakfast which was very nice. He always does the cooked breakfast, as I do all the other cooking. The day began rather drab and cold, but this was not going to stop me going out with my tripod and camera. Unfortunately I had no luck with capturing any bird or wildlife, as the walkers and gongoozlers were gathering, so I went back to the boat and made a coffee instead. By the time I had prepared lunch and eaten it, the sun had put in an appearance, so I was keen to go out again with my camera, but this time I was going to my favourite quiet place. Not telling you where, otherwise everyone will want to go there 0;).
Whilst I went off with my tripod and camera, Keith was left to clear the prop of the rubbish we collected on Friday. No wonder the old girl was a little sluggish. I however was setting up my camera and waiting for the birds to come to me and I was not disappointed. The usual suspects of Blue Tits, Long Tailed Tits, Great Tits were in abundance, but then a small surprise put in an apperance.
Whilst this is not perfect, I was very excited to photograph a Goldcrest. It is the UK's smallest bird at 3 1/2" and has a lovely song zi-zi-zi-zi. It is officially smaller then the Wren which can be as big as 4". It looks like it was just about to take off.
I love photographing wildlife, so was pleased to get a photograph of a Redwing. Usually they fly off before I get set up.
Catkins announcing Spring is almost here.
The Gorse is beginning to flower. Gorse is closely related to the brooms.
Sleepy ducks dreaming the day away.
My afternoon was well spent as far as I was concerned. My day was made by getting the Goldcrest. That's another little bird to add to my photograph collection.
Back onboard the boat and in the warm, because as the sun is setting the temperature is dropping brrrrr. We have the last of the Lamb Shank casserole tonight. Tonight's TV will be "Dancing on Ice" and then we will see what else there is to watch. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.
Chat soon xx


  1. Good for you catching (in a photo that is !!)that little Goldcrest ..very sweet little bird I have done a painting of one many moons ago when I was an illustrator.....have a great week ...x

  2. Lovely photographs of the birds and ducks. In the southern US we don't have those species to my knowledge. We are seeing robins, cardinals, and trusty woodpeckers. A pair of ducks are in the slough so soon we shall see the ducklings. We feed them bread crumbs from our pier. The daffodils are blooming and Spring is on the way at last. Have a safe week.


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