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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Crick to Flore.

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Hi Folks.

An Autumnal start to the day, but because we would be going into Crick tunnel I did not light the back cabin stove. I did make it up ready though, so no sooner we were out of the tunnel I could set a match to it.

At 7.55am we left our overnight mooring and set off for Crick tunnel.


I have lost count of the number of photographs I have taken of Crick tunnel and yet I always take more.


On entering the tunnel, I climbed down into the engine room and stood with my head hanging outside of the doors. I love tunnels and enjoy looking at their construction. Crick tunnel this morning was not for anyone with a Bat phobia, because we saw plenty of bats flying up and down as we cruised through.

We arrived at the top of Watford Locks, where NB Helena was taking on water whilst waiting to descend the locks, so we pulled into the side and moored up.


Keith went and booked in with Terry the lock keeper and we waited for the clock to strike 9am, which is when the padlocked are taken off and passage is allowed. NB Helena went first and we followed on behind her, keeping a lock between us, because they leak so badly that a 70ft boat gets a back cabin full of water if you follow to closely. I enjoyed a nice chat with the volunteer lock keeper, who is very good at his job and clearly enjoys it. By 10.15am we were at the bottom and on our way towards Norton Junction. Whilst we made headway, I ducked down into the back cabin and made us both a coffee as we were both a little parched.


At Norton Junction we turned left and were amazed to see all the moorings empty. We were further amazed to see a boat waiting at the top lock for someone to share with. Wendy and Richard on NB Ethel had been there for about an hour with the lock keeper, who was making sure people shared locks. I seriously thought we would get there and have to wait for a boat, but it was our lucky day. Neither Keith or I would have minded waiting, I would have made us an early lunch and got some jobs done, but that did not happen so whilst Keith and Richard moved the boats, Wendy and I worked the locks and got to have a chat as we walked down the flight.


Having exited the bottom lock at Whilton, where there was no lock keeper to be seen, we wished Richard and Wendy well as they cruise back to their home mooring.

A gentleman on the marina bank asked "Have you never heard of a silencer".

My reply was " She is exempt".

His reply "Is it pleasant listening to that".

My reply " Certainly is"

He said no more, but got on with what he was doing. There is nothing wrong with the sound of our engine, we love it and so do hundreds of other people who comment on how much they love her sound. But I am well aware that you cannot please all of the people all of the time. I waved goodbye to Richard and Wendy, who moored up to let their doggies off, to do what doggies must do.

The canal skirts alongside the motorway and the sound of the traffic is deafening, I am so glad we do not have to travel on the roads, I really prefer the speed we do now. Just before Weedon Wharf I spotted NB Maisibert, but neither Andy or Hilary were on board, so maybe we will see them another day.

We are now moored up near Flore Bridge, which is a new place for us to moor overnight. I notice from NB Albert's Blog they like the mooring here. I now have dinner to think about and then it will be time for bed again. Tomorrow we will be heading for Stoke Bruerne.


  1. Hi,
    Your blog made me feel really nostalgic for my boaty summer holidays. Where did you get your croshayed (I'm not sure how you spell this) throws in your boatman's from? They're lovely!

  2. Hiya. The chrocheted blankets were made my Keiths Mum.


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