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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Water gathering and baking.

Hi Folks.

Having had no idea what my day would bring, I did not have to wait to long before something came a long.

With the wind blowing a hooley, it was decided not to move the boat to fill up with water, but to use our two 25 litre canisters to get water from the water tap and then to top the water tank up. Keith and I got the trolley and canisters out of the hold, we then wheeled the trolley to and from the water tap and filled up our tank, it only took eight and a half canisters, what is left in the canister is now sitting in the engine room where I will use it to fill the kettle and water jug, so it will not get wasted and will save using the water in the tank. This now means we do not have to fill the water tank up until after the festival on the 17 and 18th September.

Yesterday we ran out of bread, so for lunch today I made us some Drop Scones sprinkled with sugar and Lemon. DSC00862

The Lemon actually looked like it had seen better days, but was good enough for what I needed it for. Whilst I made the Drop Scones, I also made a batch of Raisin Muffin's, to fill the cake box. So we are set fair for cakes at the moment.


Why is it things always happen in three's? The day before yesterday one of our isolation switches broke, so we need a new one of them and now our radio seems to be packing up, because we have lost the display on it, so we have no idea what we are listening to if it turns itself off grrrr. It looks like we may need to buy a new radio (more expense), this now means we still have one more thing to go wrong arghhhhhhhh. ( Please let it be something inexpensive).

2pm came and I got myself organised to go and meet Mr Tesco man at 2.35pm, just in case he was on time. I also dragged Keith a long for good measure. He pushed the trolley with the fold up crates on it, whilst I carried the rucksack. We sat on one of the seats near the Foxton Locks car park and watched the world go by as we waited for our food delivery. 3.10pm I received a phone call from the Tesco driver to say he was coming down the road to the car park, so we stood to attention and waited for the Blue van to arrive. Having loaded our food delivery on to our sack barrow and into my rucksack, it was then time to haul it back up the locks, which a bit of a strain for poor Keith, it certainly made him work hard. I in the meantime carried the rucksack and large shopping bag, so we were both getting a work out. Back on the boat I then spent a while finding room for all the goodies which will keep us fed for the next two weeks. The only think I may need to get is bread, but I can pop into town to get that if need be.

Well the heavy rain forecast all day for this area has not arrived, but we still have the strong winds. The news item Keith did for Hfm has been on a few times today, as has a piece from a gentleman from British Waterway's, so if people do not know now they never will do that we have no water. The rain we had overnight is just a spit in the ocean, but still very, very welcome.

So as Tuesday draws ever close to an end, I am now thinking about tonight's dinner and what we should have. With a cupboard and fridge bulging I have no excuse not to cook (drat), so I had better get my head around dinner and then it will be an evening watching TV I reckon.

Chat soon xx

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