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Monday, 5 September 2011

A Day Out.


Hi Folks.

I have had a fantastic day out today. I did nothing of great Significance, but it was still a great day out. It was a nice change to be able to dress up, even though it was in jeans and a nice jumper. The day out began with us catching the 44 bus from below Foxton church. The walk from the boat took us 20 minutes along the road, which is a little unsettling because there is no footpath, but nevertheless the walk was made and we arrived at the seat beneath the tree in front of the church with time to spare. This meant we could sit and watch the world go by before the bus arrived at 10am. Keith handed over £5 for two return tickets, we then found a seat which was not difficult because there were only three other people on the bus. I am sure the bus driver was in a hurry because it seemed like we were going at breakneck speed along the country lanes. We passed Gartree Prison with its high wall and barbwire fencing ( I know which side of the wall I prefer), and before we knew it we were in Market Harborough and stepping off the bus. First port of call was to collect our post from the hire boat company. I was wonderful to see Debbie and to hear all her news and how the water shortage was affecting the hire boat holidays. Having spent some time chatting to Debbie, we wandered down into the town and had a coffee at Joules Yard, where we sat and opened our mail (Felt like Christmas). Having sorted the important from the junk, we then deposited the junk and the envelopes in a bin and the important mail went in my rucksack. I saw no point in carting the junk around with us. One of the important pieces of mail was a DVD of the footage taken of us being filmed for "The Golden Age of Canals", so we can see everything which was filmed when we have nothing better to do with our time. Our next port of call was the Hfm radio station armed with two bags of Doughnuts for the presenters. We thought they could enjoy them with coffee. It was a gift to celebrate the fact that Ofcom gave them another 5 years license yippee for local radio. We spent more than an hour nattering to the DJ's and staff, then Keith got asked to do a news report on the water shortage in the area's canals, so people in the Hfm area will be listening to his dulcet tones. I was asked if I wanted to do it, but I am hopeless when it comes to chatting on the radio (My excuse and I am sticking to it). By the time we left the radio station it was 1.15pm and my stomach was rubbing, so we decided to see if our favourite Indian restaurant Shagorika was open, which phew it was all be it only for another half an hour. We asked it they would still be happy to serve us and of course they said yes, because we had been their only customers for lunch. The food as always was scrummy Keith had a Chicken Biryani and I had a Chicken Pasanda. Feeling comfortably full we then set off to buy a few bits and pieces to top up stocks on the boat. Time was marching on and Keith noticed that one of our busses had departed without us, so we sat at the bus stop and wanted for the next bus to come a long, which it did at 3.45pm. Arriving back at Foxton Village we then had the 20 minute walk back to the boat. On arriving back at Hadar we noticed the Fudge Boat had arrived for the festival and were moored up in front of us, so we went and said hello and caught up on all their news. We also found out that they are going to Stoke Bruerne for the village at war weekend, so have agreed to travel down with them. It is always wonderful catching up with people you know on the water.

5.15pm it was time to feed mog and dog and to then settle in for the evening. I have just enjoyed a lovely hot shower, dinner and a cuppa, so I am going to put my feet up and watch "Red or Black" the amazing new game show in ITV1. I hope your day has been as good as mine. As I said I did nothing of great Significance, but it was wonderful nevertheless.

Chat soon xx

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