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Monday, 12 September 2011

Joy Ride

Hi Folks.

After a a wonderful wedding anniversary yesterday, today we were back to normal.

Last night Keith and I celebrated our 7th Wedding Anniversary by having a fabulous meal at the Foxton Locks Inn. Sandy made us feel very welcome. After a sumptuous Pork Roast each we both felt we had enough room for a pudding so I had a Scrummy Yummy Chocolate Fudge Cake.


Keith went for the Apple and Rhubarb Crumble with Custard.


It was all washed down by a nice bottle of White Wine.

So here we are Monday again and Hurricane Katia, does not seem to have done much damage where we are, yes the wind has blown a hooley, but apart from heavy rain at 3.30am this morning, there has been nothing else.

Task for the day was to go into Market Harborough on the bus and go and find my missing watch. So after all the usual morning stuff I got my rucksack out of the hold and placed it on the chair.


No sooner I had done that Marmite saw her opportunity to come with us.


In she climbed, making herself nice and comfortable.


I did try to tell her, they would never allow her on the bus in my rucksack, but she seemed determined to stay put.


Eventually she gave in and climbed out, with disgust written all over her face.

Keith and I left the boat at 9.30am to catch the 10am bus from Foxton Village. If the wind had been behind us, it could have got us there in 10 minutes, as it was it took us 20 minutes to walk to the bus stop beneath the church.

After arriving in Market Harborough, we collected some post from the hire boat company office and caught up with a few people we know. Amongst the post were the U bolts Keith had ordered, so we can attach the post box to the post, another step closer to having our very own post box yippeee.

We then had to visit the Royal Mail Sorting office to pick up the watch I had had sent to be repaired but was never delivered. It had in fact been all around the country. So no closer to getting repaired grrrrrrrrr.

After getting some further shopping, which included some Fray Bentos pies for the back cabin stove over the winter, we had another superb meal at Shagorika for lunch before catching the bus back to Foxton, via the Petrol Station!. I jest not we had to go to the petrol station because the bus was running out of fuel. Everyone on the bus was asked if we minded diverting to the petrol station, to top up with fuel as it was running on fumes. There were only 6 on the bus including us and none of us minded, it was a definite first for us. After the detour and the walk back from Foxton we were back at the boat and gasping for a coffee. The wind is still blowing here, but nothing as bad as was expected. I am now putting my feet up, because I have blisters on both my heels due to my walking boots, which need wearing in more it seems. Oh well worse things happen.

I hope your day has been a good one??

Chat soon xx


  1. Happy Anniversary :)

    Marmite is just like Mabel, and my new kitty Freddie, always getting into any box or bag! lol

  2. I have just read your post. Many congratulations on your anniversary yesterday. What lovely pudding at the Foxton Lock Inn. The meal sounds just as good. Me thinks next time we are in Foxton a visit will be in order. See you in a couple of weeks,

  3. Happy belated anniversary!
    Had to comment on dear Marmite---she knows she is a travelin' woman! Adorable pictures.


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