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Thursday, 29 September 2011

To hot to handle.

Hi Folks.

Wow it is certainly hotting up here at Stoke Bruerne and I am not just talking about the weather. Boats are arriving and the weather is hotter than it was in the Summer.

No sooner I got off the boat with Paddy this morning, the heat was already rising, but with a mist on the surface of the canal it did look lovely. Sorry no photo of that as I did not have my camera.

Jobs for the day were to include more painting, polishing the brass and tidying the back cabin. So before I could get the paint brush to work, I had to wipe the boat down to remove another heavy dew. At least it washes the boat down. After it had all dried I lightly rubbed down the back cabin doors and gave them a varnish.


I then painted the Red on the door sill, next was the red on the bow, this was its second coat.


I then turned my attention to polishing the starboard side of the cabin, which had not been done since the Spring, I could only do up to the engine room doors, because Keith had touched up the sign writing yesterday. Geraldine and Michael on the Cheese Boat moved closer to us, so we went and had a nice natter to them for a while, but then it was back to the hard work, before it got way to hot to work.


I gave the polished paintwork another rub over with a cloth and there was a definite improvement on how shiny the Red looked, I do like to keep the paintwork in good condition and especially the Red because red fades very badly if not looked after. With that done, I gave the gunwale a second coat of paint, so that is now finished for another year yayyyy. Whilst I was busy with painting Ray and Jayne off of NB No Direction, they are moored on the long pound for the weekend. Ray commented on how I am always busy doing something, that is just the way I am, I can always find something to do on the boat. I am sure we will see them over the weekend for a longer chat. Brass cleaning in the back cabin was next on my to do list, First I did the stove, then all the other brass which had become a bit tainted. I finished off the brass cleaning with doing some of the engine, leaving us less to do tomorrow. Whilst I was busy doing all of that Keith cleaned the Klaxon and the exhaust chimney for the engine. He had also been out and about looking for someone, but to no avail. My very last job for the day as far as boat jobs are concerned was to rub down and varnish the handles on the water cans and to teak the cabin step.


In between doing all of this I made coffee and lunch, and a cold drink to keep our fluid levels up, because it has been so very hot today.

After all that hard work it was time to do something a little more relaxing so I went out with my camera, whilst Keith relaxed in the back cabin with his crossword book.


The first thing I saw was this cheeky squirrel peering around the branch of a tree.

I was then fortunate to capture a Brambling.


A stunning little bird which comes here for the Winter. They are from the Finch family and very pretty they are too.


With the hot weather, it seems the Dragonflies are hanging around a lot longer. Having been out for just over an hour, I returned to the boat for a cold drink and to put my feet up for a bit. I think dinner tonight will be pasta, because it is easy to cook and does not need the cooker on, which in this heat would not be a good move.

The signs have gone up to reserve the moorings for the weekend, so I reckon tomorrow will be a very busy day boat wise as they all arrive and try to find places to moor. If it is the same as last year, the historic, working and trading boats will be above the lock to the tunnel and all the other boats go down on to the long pound, but we will see because already people are not reading the notices and are mooring up where they like. The harbour master will be here Friday, so he will have it all sorted out ready for a busy weekend no doubt. We are happy to go where ever he puts us, at the moment we are moored where were were last year.

Right time to think about something to eat and then a decision will be made on what we will do tonight. I can see me sitting with my feet up after having a very busy day work wise.

Chat soon xx


  1. Your 'Brambling' you say you were fortunate to capture a picture of, is actually a BULLFINCH. Bramblings are much scarcer than Bullfinches, which are pretty common.

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