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Monday, 19 September 2011

Volunteer Day.

Hi Folks.

Today it was Harborough Towpather's Day. This is where a group of us gets together and looks after a mile stretch of the towpath from the Union Wharf Basin, Market Harborough to Bridge 14 a footbridge at the Old Union Canal Society Moorings. This was the first time we had been able to get involved because of us being away. Before setting off, I did all the usual morning things plus I padded out my blister, because it was looking a little angry and the last thing I wanted was to make it worse. At 9.30pm Myles from Paws4Walking came and collected Keith and I at the Foxton Locks turn off. We arrived behind the Waterfront Restaurant where we met up with other volunteers and with Geoff from British Waterways. Whilst we waited for others to join us, I collected the post from the hire boat office. The mail included our new license and my brand new watch yippee. So I am now sporting a new watch, after mine went around the country by post and never got to be repaired. Once everyone had arrived for the volunteer day, we all signed in and did our risk assessment and health and safety, before making our way to the Old Union Canal Society Moorings, where some of us would be painting the footbridge No14. With so many of us there, Keith, Polly (Paws4walking) and I set off with litter pickers and bags to collect the litter along the towpath, leaving the others to paint the bridge. But before we left we had to put on our high vis jackets and life jackets ;0).


As we walked the towpath we collected all sorts of rubbish, drinks bottles and cans, fishing line, sweet papers, a bucket, a hub cap and 35 dog poo bags with contents, which had been thrown into the hedgerows. It really does annoy me that people take the time to pick up their dogs poo, but then thrown the bag into the hedge, especially when there are three poop bins on that stretch. I lost count of the amount of poo we threw into the canal along the way. In the end we had two dustbin liners full of rubbish by the time we got back to bridge 14. As we turned the corner it was clear to see they had all been working very hard.


Some were taking a lunch break, whilst others continued to paint. Geoff and Alex (father and son) were getting stuck in as well. They supplied hand washing facilities from one of the vans for us all.


Having enjoyed the sandwiches and crisps I had packed for lunch, it was decided that we would head back to the boat, because there was nothing else for us to do on this occasion, so Polly very kindly gave us a lift back to Foxton. As we walked up the towpath Keith was dead on his feet and I was nursing my huge blister, I have not taken the padding off yet to see today's damage. Back on the boat Marmite is laying on her bed in the engine room, with the door open and Paddy is laying on the back counter, so all is well in their world. I now have to decide what we will be having for dinner tonight. I have a feeling we will be having another early night.

Chat soon xx

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