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Monday, 26 September 2011

The heat is rising.

Hi Folks.

I did not post yesterday, because Sunday was pretty much like Saturday, we did the usual early morning stuff, then set up shop, sold a few items, packed it all away and settled in for the evening, so not much to chat about as far as Sunday was concerned.

Monday has been a day of walking, photography, chatting to friends and relaxing all in that order.

The morning began with a cup of tea in bed, after a fantastic nights sleep. After getting up and dressed, Paddy got his walk up through the wooded walk, which he always enjoys when we are at Stoke Bruerne. The birdsong was incredible as we strode up the pathway. Unfortunately Paddy does not appreciate birdsong, so it was left to me to marvel at the sounds being made by the bird life. On the way back to the boat I got into a conversation with Cynthia on NB Guinevere about one of the usual boaters subjects dog poo and the amount there is along the towpath at Stoke Bruerne. I know, I know I go on about it, but when you are a boater, there is nothing worse than stepping off your boat into a pile of poo and this is what happened to Cynthia. I should say that Cynthia has a dog and she picks up after her dog, she just wishes the person who owned the dog which dumped its load by her boat had done the same. After putting the world to right, I headed back to the boat for breakfast, which Keith had already laid out. Marmite and Paddy got their breakfast as well. After breakfast I lit the back cabin stove, filled the Copper kettle and put that on the stove to boil ready for coffee. After washing up and tidying, I went out with my camera and tripod, to try and photograph a little bird which I have wanted to photograph for a while, to see the photographs from today go to my other blog. I had a good days photography today. I spent an hour out with the camera before going back to the boat, where I got Keith to come out with me to wander over to the Nature Reserve, which was a former brick works and is managed by the Wildlife Trust. The old brick works was started after 1792 by the Grand Junction Canal Company to provide material for the canal locks, walls and the Blisworth tunnel, but today it is a haven for wildlife.

nature reserve

We sat by one of the ponds and watched the Dragonflies darting over the water and the ducks enjoying a bath.

After having some lunch back on the boat, I went back out with my camera again and back to the nature reserve, because I wanted to see if I could get some photographs of the Dragonflies, you can see my attempt on my flora and fauna blog, I did have a lovely time.

After spending a couple of hours playing with my camera, I began walking back to the boat when I heard a familiar voice coming from the towpath. It was the voice of Pam off of NB Mona Lisa, she and Mac had arrived for the "Village at War"weekend. I had a few words with them, before walking up the towpath with them, as they went to book-in at the museum.


Pam and Mac then joined us for a cuppa at our boat. We discussed the new proposed trading license and rules etc, the other boaters topic of conversation was never mentioned (toilets). It was great to see them both again and catch up on all their news and I know we will do a lot more chatting over the next few days.

With my day drawing to a close, I cooked dinner, had a lovely hot shower and then put old ash on the back cabin stove fire, because it is a tad warm on our boat and with the temperature expected to rise over the coming days, I think I will be leaving it out. Summer seems to have come back again.

So on that note I will say goodnight. Chat soon xx

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