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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Welcome visitors.

Hi Folks.

Yesterday was such a lovely day, because we met up with good friends, who came and paid us a visit.

First Jo and John off of NB Acen, who are moored below Foxton Locks and going no where due to the restrictions came up and saw us yesterday afternoon with their Whippets. We spent a pleasant couple of hours sitting out on the towpath drinking tea and coffee whilst catching up on all their cruising news and exploits. Then later in the evening their was a knock on the boat. Standing on the towpath I found Chris a friend of ours from Market Harborough, he also has a narrowboat. I invited him in for a cuppa and more chatter about all things to do with boating and the world in general. Of course with all the restrictions on at the moment, this subject was nattered about at length. It is always fantastic to see friends, because there is always so much to talk about.

So here we are the first Saturday of September. It was a dull start to the morning with very low cloud, but we were told there would be sunshine later. After walking Paddy and feed both him and Marmite, I took the toilet cassette down to the sanitary station, but on the way there I got chatting to boaters and BW staff. I was very sad to hear that one of the lock keepers maybe out of a job at the end of the season, as at the moment his contract is not being renewed. This is such a shame because he is such a nice guy and very good at his job. It is a worry to see that BW are getting rid of key staff who have the knowledge, which they should be passing on to others. I do notice that very few of the BW staff who sit in offices all day are losing their jobs and that especially applies to those on huge wages. Something is very wrong there, we need the staff on the ground. Having put the world to right, it was back to the boat for a coffee and to contemplate my next move.

My next move was to go for a walk down the locks to see if one of my coal customers was in, which she was. Keith and I had a lovely chat with Mel and explained why we had come to the decision to stop selling coal. It was a sad decision but at the moment we feel that it may have done us a favour. After saying cheerio to Mel we went to Bridge 61 for a snack and a pint of Bridge 61. Whilst there Keith spotted Kendall and Stu coming across the bottom lock bridge, so he nipped out and told them where we were, they had come up to the locks with friends from Birmingham. We ended up going back into Bridge 61 so they could all have a pint.


Kendall and Stu.

Keith and I did not partake in another drink, because at lunchtime a pint is enough for us. Kendall and Stu are DJ's at Hfm our favourite local radio station, which has just been given another 5 year license, which is fantastic news. Whilst they drank we chatted about all sorts of things, which also included the fact that they were heading for the Foxton Family Day in the village and did we want to go. So whilst they drove to Foxton Village, we walked a long the towpath to the Robert Monk Hall, where the event was taking place with Hfm on hand with music and fun.



It looked like most of the village had turned out for the event. There were lots of stalls and things for the kids to do.



Cuthbert's Rainbow Twirlers.


Two Gentlemen Play Pop.

I never win anything normally but today was my lucky day because I won a small bottle of Red wine, just by picking a coloured bag. So guess what I will be drinking later on?


Having enjoyed a lovely time at the family day, Keith suggested we walk back to the boat via the road, because he thought it was quicker and he wanted to see how long it would take us, because we want to get the bus from Foxton to Market Harborough in the week. We set off up the hill with some horse riders coming long side us. It reminded me of a real country scene. It was good to see The Black Horse Inn is open again of being refurbished and has new owners, which is great to see. The walk along the road took us 20 minutes and by the time we got on the boat I was in need of a coffee. Just as I was making the coffee, Keith shouted its the Lancaster Bomber, it flew right overhead, sadly I did not get a photograph, because it was gone before I knew it, but what a fantastic sight.

Wow what a day it has been, nothing really planned but it turned out to be a day to remember. I am now going to put my feet up and enjoy a quiet evening watching the TV.

Chat soon xx

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