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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Foxton to Crick.

Hi Folks.

Foxton to Crick 17 miles and 1 tunnel in 6hrs 25 minutes.

We are on the move again yippee.


It was a cloudy and rather chilly beginning to the day, but there was not a breath of wind to be had. I lit the back cabin stove nice and early to warm the cabin up a little before we ventured outside. Paddy enjoyed a run up the towpath before he and Marmite had their breakfast. Once we were ready to set off Keith fired up the engine which coughed and spluttered a little, as it so often does when it has been stood for a few days. But once we were underway she settled into her stride, chugging along .


10am I made us a coffee and warmed some sausage rolls in the stove to ward off the rumbling tum until lunchtime, before we entered Husbands Bosworth Tunnel. We arrived at Welford Junction at 11.05am and headed from Leicestershire into Northamptonshire. The sun finally began to put in an appearance and so did the wind, which was getting up to a strong breeze.


With the harvest all gathered in, the farmers are now turning their attention to ploughing the land which had given them such a wonderful harvests. Gone are the fields of gold and back are the fields of brown soil, but before I know it we will see new shoots from a brand new crop.

As we approached Mountain Barn, we spotted NB Moore2Life, Chas and Ann greeted us with a "Hello" and we had a quick chat as we slowly cruised pasted them. It has been some time since we had the chance to talk to them properly, maybe we will do that when we return from the "Village at War" weekend, if they are still on the Leicester Line.


We passed Kerala and Karnataka the Bywater Hotelboats. It is the first time we have seen the pair and very nice they looked.


A frog swam past as we made our way towards Crick, it was heading for the reeds and away from our propeller. It was not long before lunchtime arrived, so I made us some sandwiches and a coffee which we ate on the move a long with a piece of homemade Victoria Sandwich. I really love eating on the move, but it does limit what you can eat.

Today we have seen lots and lots of Kestrels and Buzzards, we also caught a glimpse of a Kingfisher as it flashed before us.


We cruised past cracks Hill and I spotted Mark on Callisto coming towards us loaded with coal and diesel. He is obviously heading towards Foxton. Was nice to see him again and the boat looking very neat and tidy. He will be taking on many of our coal customers this winter, so I hope he manages to deliver to them all. I sold two bottles of toilet blue today to a friend, so we had one sale which is always welcome.

We are now moored up at Crick opposite the Marina for the night, with an excellent digital signal, so we can watch a decent picture tonight yayyyy. I now have dinner to think about, before settling down for the evening.

Chat soon xx

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