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Thursday, 15 September 2011

A good time had.

Hi Folks.

It has been a fantastic day, what with summer returning and friends coming to visit.

After a chilly start to the day, I decided to light the back cabin stove again. How did I know it was a chilly start, well Keith got up and made us a cuppa and when he got back into bed he was freezing, so the stove had to be lit.

On getting up Paddy was walked and a quick tidy up was done on board, as we were expecting friends Jackie and Ray, who used to own NB Roehaise. I am not a spick and span person, but I do like things to look tidy when people come on board. So whilst I swept the boat through, Keith tidied things away. With everything tidy, I then cooked meatballs for a spagbol, which went into the back cabin stove for dinner. Just after 11am whilst standing out on the bank, I spotted Jackie and Ray waving at me from the footbridge. They had bought their chairs with them, so we set up the chairs on the towpath, I made us all a drink and we settled down for a good old chinwag. Both Jackie and Ray are missing their boat, so were chuffed to be able to come and stand on ours and get the feel for the water and the peace and quiet again. Before we knew it, my watch was showing 1.30pm, so we thought we should go and have some lunch at The Foxton Locks Inn, where we enjoyed lunch, a drink and more nattering. So much to catch up on and so little time it seemed.


After a lovely lunch, we walked back up the locks, stopping at the museum for a sit down and yet more nattering. This was a great way to spend a day. All to soon it was time for Jackie and Ray to head home to Tess their dog. It was fantastic seeing them again. I have offered them a day out on the boat with us, should they still continue to get withdrawl symptoms. They are welcome to come and see us anytime if we are in the area.

The spagbol meatballs are cooked, but we will have them for dinner tomorrow night. It is now time to put my feet up before doing something simple for dinner. Keith will walk Paddy and it will be time to settle down for the evening. Whilst typing this I am devouring Choc Mint Fudge from The Fudge Boat mmmmmm yummy. Off now.

Chat soon xx

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