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Friday, 12 October 2012

A little quiet.

Good morning readers. I am sat here on the boat with my coffee and am wondering what to write because it is all a little quiet at the moment for me. We are still in Stone and enjoying it as always. We have spent time catching up and eating out with friends. We have done a bit of retail therapy, but nothing extreme just food for the freezer, in fact it has been more window shopping than actually spending out money. having just paid out for our new trading licence, we feel the need to tighten the belt just a tad, on saying that we did go out for a meal at our favourite Thai last night. If you love thai food then a visit to Thai Lanna is a must when in Stone. Superb food, wonderful service and I always come out of their pleasantly full. The weather last night was wet and even wetter by the time we got back to the boat. We had so much rain that it ran down the inside of the back cabin chimney, depositing watery tar on top of the stove which stank the boat out as it got hot, not to mention the smoke haze we suffered this morning, as I got the fire going. I had to wash the stove top down to get rid of the deposit and open the doors to clear the haze. The rain has cleared and the sun is now coming out, which is just as well because having had a few days of no sunshine, my solar panels for the fairy lights need charging. The back cabin lights have stopped working, because the batteries are so low and the saloon lights are a lot dimmer. I am hoping today they will get charged up a little. I have absolutely no idea what I am doing today, if I have my way it will be very little. But all things change as the minutes tick by, so I could end up being very busy. I have done a load of washing, well when I say I have, I mean the washing machine has done all the work, I now have to get off my rear and hang it in the engine room to dry. The generator is charging the batteries. Marmite and Paddy and lounging about and so it looks like that will be my lot for the day, if anything changes I will let you know.

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