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Friday, 19 October 2012

New Solar Panel and coal shifting.

A good night sleep was had by all on board, I woke to a dull start to the day and a muddy towpath for Paddy to wander along. After breakfast the generator went on and I put a wash on, otherwise we would both be short of under garments and that will never do. Today was the day we would get a few jobs done. I helped Keith get our new solar panel out of the hold and on to the roof, where he drilled some hole and attached some rubber feet to the panel, he also drilled holes for the padlocks. 
Whilst he got on with the electrical side, of the panel in the engine room, I got down into the hold and started shovelling the loose house coal towards the bow of the boat. Coal shovelled into a pile, I then used bagged coal to make a barrier for the smokeless loose coal. Whilst busy getting covered in coal dust, a buyer for our old prop arrived to collect it, I made us all a coffee and we had a nice chat. I looked an absolute fright with coal dust up my nose and my face was covered. I am however thankful that I bought a mask to wear with all the dust, otherwise I would be coughing for days. With the prop on its way to be fitted to a boat and goodbyes said to the lovely couple who came to collect said prop, it was back in the hold to shovel yet more coal. Once Keith had finished the electrics on the solar panel, he came and gave me a hand in the hold, which meant we were all done by 2.30pm. The hold is now ready to take on a coal delivery when we get back to Market Harborough. A much needed shower was then had and boy oh boy was the water dirty. Now I know how the guys must have felt working down the coal mines. 
All clean, it was time to turn my attention to dinner, which was going to be the remainder of the Lamb Casserole from yesterday with a few more vegetables added. That is now cooking in the back cabin stove.
After shifting coal for most of the day, I am now going to put my feet up and watch a film on Film 4, then it will be dinner time, time to feed mog and dog, time to make up the fires and finally bed time.

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