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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Falls Bridge No 48 to Grendon Dock.

Travelled 23.27 miles, worked 12 locks in a time of 10 hours 25 minutes.

We left our over night mooring at 8 am after a good nights sleep. The morning started off dull and some what chilly, but the sun did put in an appearance from time to time, which warmed the air.
I really love Boat Inn Cottage.
At Rose Narrow boats at Stretton-under-Fosse, one of the workers very kindly opened the foot swing bridge for us.
There were plenty of boats on the move today, I lost count of how many we had coming towards us. I could have also sold coal to a lot of boaters today, because as we passed moored boats, people were asking if we had any coal, which of course we do but it is not for sale. Makes me think we should go back to selling coal.
Reconstruction of the Elephant & Castle is coming along, I wonder if it is going to be a pub again or a private house?
Lunch was eaten on the run, I heated up some Sausage Rolls, which we had with coffee, this would sustain us for the day.
We got to Sutton Stop, I worked the lock and left Keith to make the turn, I then met him on the other side.
One of these days we will stop for a meal in the Greyhound.
We arrived at the Atherstone flight and the decision was taken to go down the locks.
No sooner we entered lock one, the heavens opened, but it was only a shower. Going out of lock two was a Country Cruises hire boat, so we followed them down.
As we descended the flight the rain fell on an off, it was actually more like April showers, we were treated to three different rainbows, one of which was a double.
Such a treat seeing rainbows. As we descended the locks, I put dinner in the oven to cook, so that when we stopped it was ready to dish up.
As we left the last lock on the Atherstone flight, the sun was going down. We moored up just after Grendon Dock after what was a long day for us. Dinner was cooked and Paddy required a walk, so it was definitely time to stop. 

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