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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Mancetter Bridge 36 to Cathiron west of Newbold-on-Avon

Travelled 19.45 miles, worked 1 lock in a time of 7 hours 45 minutes. 
For the second night running we had very heavy rain throughout the night, but when I woke up this morning the sun was shining and the rain had gone. It was a beautiful start to the day as I poked my head out of the back cabin doors whilst I made the stove up. 
We left at 8.35am and headed off into the countryside. 
Whilst on the move I got on with preparing this evenings dinner. Lamb casserole with Dumplings to be exact.  Once it was prepared for cooking, it went into the back cabin stove to slow cook.
The canal is definitely getting quieter, with fewer boats on the move, many have gone back to their moorings ready for the Winter, so we were able to move freely for most of the day, only meeting the odd boat at bridge 'oles. 
Lunch was again eaten on the move, I made us toasted Crumpets with Butter and Marmite on and for afters we had a homemade Chocolate Muffin. This girl really knows how to live it up. Mean while dinner was cooking nicely.
Casserole cooked by mid afternoon and just needed the dumplings added at 4pm.
At 12.50pm we arrived at Hawkesbury Junction where we met Mark on Callisto delivering coal and supplying diesel to the moored boats.
Hall Oaks Wood is beginning to show of its Autumn colours.
With the Autumn colours comes the Autumnal skies and wonderful views. I do so love this time of year.
Our cruising day ended when we found a suitable mooring for the night at Cathiron west of Newbold-on-Avon. This will do us nicely even though the towpath is a tad muddy. A lot of the towpath along this stretch is dreadfully muddy and water logged, but where we are moored is not to bad. The light is now fading, Marmite and Paddy have had their dinner and ours is cooking in the stove. We do not have a very good TV signal, but we have managed to get Film4 which will do me nicely. Time to go and put my feet up before dinner.

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