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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Norton Junction to Falls Bridge No 48.

Last nights sunset at Norton Junction.
Travelled 16.65 miles, worked 9 locks in a time of 6 hours 20 minutes.
We left our over night mooring at 7.55am, having not seen Graham on NB Tia. I think he may have left the boat before we were up this morning, but hey ho may see him another time.
It was a rather chilly start to the day, with the sun doing its best to come out to play.
Autumn is upon us.

We made our way into Braunston Tunnel, which we had to ourselves, there was not even another boat waiting to go down the flight. However I did spy Nick Wolfe on Aldgate in the lock below and he did wait for us at lock three.
Nick was delivering a load of wood to The Admiral Nelson pub. He very kindly walked back up the lock to help us down, as we waited for a hire boat to come up, so not stealing their lock.
We entered the Admiral Nelson Lock with Nick.
We then descended the lock, but Nick was staying in the lock as he had the wood to deliver to the pub, a short trip with Aldgate, but every bit saves water.

The restoration work at Bridges No. 79 and 80 has come on leaps and bounds since last month. The footings have been completed and work on the actual bridge has started. They will look fantastic when finished. Just hope no one bashes them about again, I do of course realise that is never going to happen, when boaters still speed into bridge 'oles. It was onward to Hillmorton locks, which have the paired locks open again after extensive work. It made life a lot easier, as we had a boat in front of us as we approached the locks, but because we could use them all, we ended up leaving them behind as I was more efficient at working the locks. Below the locks Battersea was moored up, we have not seen her for sometime. 
I made us some lunch whilst we cruised on through Rugby, there was no need to stop for food as I have enough on board, although we could have stopped because there was plenty of spaces. NB Piston Broke was moored up at Rugby. Paul waved at us as we went past.

Having had a wonderful days cruising we moored up between Fall's Bridge No.48 and Yates's yard, which is now open again for business.
Nice spot for Paddy to lay on the back counter and for Marmite to sit on the towpath. Keith went off with a jug to pick Blackberries he spotted down the arm. I now have dinner to cook and then it is feet up time. Today's cruising was much more relaxing than yesterdays.

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