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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Grendon Dock to Rugeley.

Travelled 25.48 miles, worked 5 locks in a time of 9 hours 50 minutes.

Last night we were both so shattered we were in bed by 9.30pm. We woke up at 6am so I made us a cuppa and got the fire going whilst we waited for the alarm to kick off at 7am. 
I took Paddy out for his walk and in the field opposite were eight Herons all together as if having a family meeting. When they saw us they took off towards the railway line, maybe they had a train to catch.
The sun was just rising as we walked back to the boat.
The early morning sunshine brightening everything in its path and a Buzzard calling over head.
8.10am we were ready for the off. Through Polesworth, past Pooley Hall.
and through Pooley Country Park, with it Pledge list on the road bridge.
then on past the old priory and Samuel Barlows at Alvecote.
Onward down the Gascote Locks and past Fazeley Junction, Hopwas, Hadmore, Whittington and Huddlesford Junction. I toasted Muffins for lunch which was eaten on the move. 
We reached Fradley Junction at 2.40pm and a boater kindly opened the foot swing bridge for us, I was to learn that they were with the boat behind us.
Keith turned left at the junction and I stepped off the boat and walked up to their first lock, which a boat had just left, so it was in our favour. As we headed to the second lock, I set the first one for the boat behind us to give them a helping hand, as they had worked the bridge for us. We had thought of stopping at Kings Bromley, but then decided to keep going for as long as we could. We ploughed on through Handsacre and on towards Armitage, where we got behind a hire boat at the tunnel and cutting. Whilst we crawled behind them through the tunnel and cutting, I put our dinner in the oven to cook. We were then stuck behind the hire boat all the way to Rugeley, some of the time in tick over as we watched them navigate bridge 'oles with great trepidation. I sometimes fear for hirers who do not have a clue and to be honest no amount of training would make them any better. At bridge 66 the hire boat pulled in and we went passed them and I thanked them, Keith then saw a space on the 48 hour moorings at bridge 67 so we stopped as well. Our Sweet Chilli Chicken was cooked, as was the rice and spring rolls. I for one was hungry. Paddy was ready for his walk and Marmite wanted to get warm in the back cabin. Another long and satisfying day with very few hold ups. I met some lovely people at the locks, they included hirers from Poland and Australia, who were both enjoying their holidays. The Australians have the boat for a month and are making the most of it with just two and half weeks left of their time on the boat. I got chatting to fishermen as we passed them by and so all in all I have had a fantastic day again.
Favourite boat painting today.
Cutey of the day. 

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