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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Like a child with a new toy.

Sunday morning and a dull start, but that was not the case yesterday. Having moved up the moorings a little on Friday to take advantage of the sun, yesterday we were to see just how efficient the solar panel was going to be. Keith had commandeered one of  my logs from the hold to lean the panel against, so we could get the full affect.
Yesterday was the first day since installing the panel that we actually had some decent sunshine all day. At 1:00pm, when the sun was at it’s highest, it was giving an output of 6amps, which I understand from Keith is very good. Keith was like a child darting in and out of the engine room to check the meter to see what it was reading. I dare say that will wear off in time. We are going to think about some kind of brackets to be able to tilt the panel more securely, but until then the log did the trick. The solar panel will be a welcome addition to the boat that I am sure. Whilst he played with his new toy, I got on with a few jobs, nothing very exciting, cleaning, washing and a general tidy up.

Back to today, we have not had any sunshine, in fact at the moment it is raining. Having enjoyed my cooked breakfast which Keith cooked as always, I got on with walking Paddy and sorting the fires out. After breakfast, I found the Hatfields and McCoys on demand 5, as I had missed the first episode on Channel 5 on Thursday and so wanted to watch it. I was not disappointed with what I saw, it is going to be a fantastic series and I cannot wait for episode 2. No sooner I had finished watching demand 5 there came a knocking on the boat. At the engine room door stood Nessa off of NB Balmaha. Nessa and Mo are moored up in front of us, Nessa invited us for coffee and a chat, which was so nice of her. We locked the boat up and off we went to an afternoon of laughter and chatting. I think we covered all topics including the boaters favourite subject toilets. We had so much fun with Mo and Nessa that when I asked the time it was 3pm. We had been with them three hours, wonderful how time flies when your having fun. It is fantastic to see them both again and to have the chance to catch up with them about their travels and future plans. 

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