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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Best laid plans.

Now I am the sort of woman who can juggle many things at once, after all us ladies are know for multi tasking, but I have to admit I think I bit off more than I could chew. For today I had booked a coal delivery, which was supposed to arrive during the morning, then for the afternoon I booked Paddy and Marmite in for their vaccinations, with the aid of a pet taxi and for the early evening I had a Tesco food delivery coming. Now in my minds eye it should all work like clockwork, but that was in my minds eye.
All moored up in the basin, washing done, hoovering done, just sitting down to dinner my phone rang and the first of my downfalls was about to take place. My coal delivery was going to be late, due to the lack of a delivery to my coal merchant arghhhhhhhh. So now it will get to me in the afternoon. Ok it was time to rethink my planned day. If the coal delivery arrived around the same time as I was due to take mig and dog to the vets, one of us would stay at the boat for the coal delivery and the other would head off to the vets, ok that was sorted in my head again. Of course then my mind started running it over and over to see what other way I could arrange my day. All's I needed was for Mr Tesco Man to text me to say he was coming early then I would be completely stuffed.
Keith suggested I stop worrying, we would cross each bridge as it presented itself, so we settled down to watch 'War Horse' and yes I cried throughout it. Wow what a fantastic film, I am so glad we got it. For once the reviews were accurate and it was amazing.
Woke up at 5.30am to the sound of someone's home alarm going off, I hope it was a false alarm and they were not being burgled. The alarm went off at 6am and with both of us wide awake, it was time for a early morning cup of tea and 'Challenge TV'. I eventually got up at 7.15am when I felt I could not lay in bed any longer. I am not very good at laying in.
Paddy got a walk along the towpath and I fed the Swan's with some wholemeal bread given to me by a lady in the apartments, she popped her head out of her door and said "Would I like to feed the Swans for her?", but I only use brown bread, which is of course correct, white bread is not good for them as I posted in a previous blog entry. Swan's fed, Paddy had done what he needed to do, it was back to the boat for breakfast and to wait for what ever came first on my list of things to be done.
Lunchtime came and went and no phone call about our coal delivery arriving.
So the first thing that happened on my list was Marmite and Paddy went to the vets for their vaccinations by pet taxi, thanks to Myles from Paws 4 Walking. Both behaved themselves and were very calm when they had their injections. Paddy was not best pleased at having to go in a van and a cage, but then the poor darling only travels by road once a year as does Marmite. Marmite was not happy about being in her carrier, but she soon settled. As we were on our way back to the boat, Keith had received a phone call from our coal supplier to say they would not be delivering today, as they had been let down by their suppliers, so Keith moved the boat out on to the towpath to our Winter mooring.
This is where we will be for the next two months, whilst we do the doctors, dentists and other things on our to do list. I had not been back at the boat long, before I was off again with our trolley to go and meet Mr Tesco man, who was due to arrive between 4pm and 5pm, he actually arrived just before 4pm and he was delighted to see me waiting for him. I loaded up my trolley, thanked the gentleman for coming and headed off back along the towpath to the boat, where Keith helped me unload the trolley with all the goodies. Trolley put away, I then stowed all the shopping away. Phew what a day one way or another, the best laid plans to get our hold full of coal, did not pan out, but two out of three things is not bad. 

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